Nuclear Fusion

The Key to Nuclear Fusion

My name is Dr. Sydney Gallek and I work with an international group of esteemed scientists in a nuclear studies lab in Kiev. My team and I have just discovered groundbreaking research that will change the way the human race operates on this Earth. We have unlocked the secret to utilising the process of nuclear fission as a technique for energy. By comparing the process to that of nuclear fusion, we discovered that by combining the atoms in a particular manner we can harvest the energy of the explosion from a safe distance. We plan on releasing the formula as soon as every nation signs a peace treaty, protecting the method from harmful use.

Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission

These two processes are hardly equal, and if confused could pose deadly threats. Nuclear fusion is the process by which the sun creates energy. Hydrogen atoms combine to create helium, and the excess heat and light is what we receive from the sun. On the other hand, nuclear fission is a form of nuclear reaction wherein a nucleus splits on impact with another particle, and this is what is currently being used to produce nuclear fuel.

Nuclear Fusion in the Future

The use of nuclear fusion is much safer than current methods, and if correctly used can save an impressive 85% on current energy bills and save the Earth from the issues posed by global warming. Nuclear fusion reactors are much cheaper to build, maintain, and protect from accidents. It is certain that the future of the Earth lies in the hands of those who pursue this new and extremely effective technology.