The life of an earth worm

Hebelen Repreza PAP Bio p.6 Ms.Guzman

Lumbricus Terrestris

The earthworm is a member of the phylum Annelida. An earthworm is well-adpted to a life of burrowing through the soil. Its stremlined shape helps it move through the soil. The mucus coating helps oxygen pass through the earthworm's skin while it is in the air or underwater. The earthworm moves through the soil by sucking the soil in its path into its mouth with the aid of its muscular pharynx. As material passes through the tube-like digestive system, sand grains in the gizzard help grind the food, which is then digested and absobed in the intestine.


To observe the external and internal structure of the earthworm. Also know its predator,habitat, niche, and ecological adaptations.

The digestive system of an earthworm :)

The food particles and soil go through a long esophagus into a round organ called a crop. The crop stores the food temporarily. Then it is forced into a very muscular organ called the gizzard. The gizzard contracts and expands, causing grains of sand and food to rub together. In this way, the food is ground up. Food is digested in the intestine, which stretches from segment 19 to the end of the worm. Here enzymes chemically break down the food. Then the digested food is absorbed by the blood circulating through the intestine walls.