Lauren Tarshis

An Author of Wonder

Lauren Tarshis's Childhood

Lauren was born in Albuqurque, New Mexico. She had reading problems in middle school. As she gets older she tries to learn new things. She attended two colleges Barnard and Franklin & Marshall colleges


Lauren only has 1 other job she is the editor of the Story Works Magazine a kids magazine.She also writes I Survived first published in 2010 and the novel Emma Jean Lazarus in 2007.

Some pictures of books and family.

Interesting Facts


Lauren lives with her husband, four children,and her mother in law. Whenever Lauren isn't editing a magazine or writing a book she likes to be with her best friends , which she met when she was eleven

Is Lauren the author for you?

Although Lauren had reading problems she writes very descriptively. She is a great author. would Lauren be the author for you? pick up a book find out!