The 7 Articles of The Constitution

Who came up with all of these rules?

To Help You Remember!!!

I have come up with a mnemonic device to help you remember the articles of the Constitution in the correct order...

LAUREN- for legislative

EATS- for executive

JELLO- for judicial

SO- for states

ALL- for amended

SUMMER- for law

ROCKS- for ratification

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What's the purpose of these articles???

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Article I

Article I involves the legislative branch and how it creates laws. The legislative powers are given to the congress, which has a Senate and House of Representatives. The legislative branch is also known as the law making branch.

Article II

Article II involves the executive branch. The executive branch executes the law. The power of the executive branch is with the President of The United States.

Article III

Article III involves the judicial branch. The judicial branch interprets the law. The supreme court is the judicial branch.

Article IV

Article IV talks about how the states get a long with each other. It covers representative democracy and how each state will be represented equally in the court of law. It also covers that each state must respect the laws and court ruling of other states.

Article V

Article V talks about how the Constitution can be changed. For an amendment to be added it needs to be proposed by a two-thirds vote involving both houses of Congress. There are two restrictions are placed that can not be involved in an amendment and the first is nothing involving slavery then the second is nothing that takes away the equal representation between states.

Article VI

Article VI discusses how the law works. It also talks about which law is supreme. One of the most important parts of this article is clause 2 which contains the supremacy.

Article VII

Article VII talks about which steps have to be taken to make the Constitution the law of the land. 9 States must have to agree to have this take place. This was put in place because the founding fathers were worried that they wouldn't be able to get the approval of every single state.