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Family Newsletter for HCMS Students, August 8, 2022

First week of school!

We are excited to welcome our students on Tuesday! We had orientation for 7th graders on Friday and were so pleased with the turnout. We had at least 75% of our students and families attend. We expect just as many tomorrow for our 6th grade event. If you are not able to attend, I am hoping the the information included here gives you the information you need for a successful start. We will help students get to their homeroom on Tuesday and they will receive their schedule. 6th graders will receive tours of the building and there will be lots of helpers supporting students during class changes. Usually within a day or two students have learned their patterns as they travel from class to class.

This welcome back newsletter is very similar to last week's, with the nuts and bolts of the first days of school. If you have lingering questions after reading through this, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

The first day of school is August 9th!

HCMS School Hours are 8:35-3:35

Dropoff for Car riders begins at 7:45am. Carline for pickup begins at 3:00pm

Student Schedules

The main thing students need to know for the first day of school is their homeroom teacher. We have mailed a post card to all families with their homeroom teacher's name and room number.

Please plan to attend orientation: 6th grade--8/8 from 9am-11am

At orientation, students will go to their homeroom to receive a copy of their schedule, update records and new schoolyear forms, meet teachers, get a bus pass and receive their school issued computer.

Additionally, students will be handed schedules in homeroom on the first day of school. There will be TONS OF HELP from staff and student ambassadors to ensure our students learn how to navigate the building.

Where to go for: Arrival, Dismissal, Tardies, Check-outs

To ensure we have the utmost safety at HCMS, we have consulted with law enforcement and safety personnel on our safe arrival and dismissal procedures. We will have staff in place in the morning and afternoon helping to direct traffic so everyone learns the flow of the campus. While our 7th grade families have experience with this, we recognize that 50% of our families are new to HCMS. Please be patient with us and with each other as we learn traffic flow during the first days of school.

Drop off begins at 7:45. The dropoff location is the SOUTH door, which is the side closest to the bypass--the first entrance on the right when you are coming from the bypass. We will have directional signs and staff in place to help you get to the right place.

Pickup location for car riders is also the south door.

The front door is the dropoff location for tardies (after 8:35) and for early checkouts. It is also the door for all visitors and if you have a meeting to attend at the school. All visitors must show ID (drivers license) to enter the building. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

Because we have limited space on campus and are close enough to the bypass to cause a backup, the car line at dismissal will open at 3PM. Before then access will be closed except to the front door for parents checking out their child. Checkout stops at 3:15 to minimize disruption at the end of the day.

Bus Rider information

Bus information will be handed out at orientation so you know your bus stop and pickup time.

If you were not able to attend orientation and you need your bus information, follow this link. If you still have questions, call 706-876-4660

If you have moved since last school year, you will need to go to the Enrollment Center to update your address and request your bus there.

We will have bus representatives at orientation in case you have unanswered questions at that time.

Dress code

Hammond Creek Middle School follows the DPS code of conduct dress code. Here is a visual that should help. If you have any questions please reach out to the school for help.

Lunch and water

All students at HCMS receive free breakfast and lunch. This is through a waiver system as a new school. However, families need to fill out this lunch form so we can maintain that status.

Students may bring lunch to school if you prefer. We have some items that students can buy, such as drinks and chips so they may wish to bring a dollar or two to school. We will sell ice cream at lunch, too. We do not deliver lunches to students that are dropped off after arrival. We understand there will be the occasional time a student forgets his/her lunch and we will accommodate that, but you can also be rest assured that a free lunch is available for your child.

We are fortunate to have water bottle filling stations around the school, as well as water fountains. If your child carries a refillable water bottle they will be able to fill up throughout the day.

Big picture

Tiger Time

Tiger time is a free after school student support hour, Monday thru Thursday until 5pm. Tiger Time is not available on Fridays. Tiger Time is funded through federal dollars designed to support students with academics. Parents may request their child attend for help with reading and mathematics. Later in the school year, teachers and counselors may recommend your child attend.

Please follow this link for more information and to sign up. We expect Tiger Time to begin on the third week of school.

Sixth grade requirements

Per a state rule, all 6th graders in Dalton Public Schools are required to have updated immunization records. Please plan to bring that to the orientation on August 8th. We also collect new proof of residence for all 6th grade students. You can bring that to the school or send with your child. Your child's homeroom teacher will follow up if we don't receive these documents. It is our preference to not put extra work on teachers and ask that you deliver this information within the first week of school or send it with your child. If you have questions please call the school.

Main Contacts--Who do you call if you have an issue?

You can always call the main phone number if you have a question and it will be routed to the correct person if the receptionist, Aracely Hernandez, cannot answer the question. However, here is the contact information for all the administrators and counselors at HCMS. We are already working on getting to know the students we support so do not hesitate to reach out if you want to be sure we are aware of your child's unique needs. Counselors and assistant principals each have a portion of the alphabet. This allows us to get to know you and your child and provide support during the two years at HCMS.

Main Office Phone Number: (706)876-4660 (you can be transferred to anyone from this number)

Lauri Johnson, Principal: (706) 876- 4686

Nurse: (706) 876-4660 #3

Athletic Director, Jordan Ryan: (706) 876-4660 #6

Assistant Principals:

· Brandon Headrick, 7th grade: (706) 876-4682

· Heather Lawson, 6th grade: (706) 876-4684

· Jim Wickes, student discipline: (706) 876-4685

Attendance Office: (706) 876-4660 #7-Report tardies, absences, and medication needs.

Business Office: (706) 876-4679 Administrative questions and school business.

Bus/immunization and address questions: (706) 876-4666

Counseling Office: Questions concerning records or schedules, and personal issues.

Last Name A-G: Joycelyn Richards (706)876-4671

Last Name H-Pa: Julie Spurling (706) 876-4670

Last Name Pe-Z: Jennifer Simmons (706)876-4677

Hammond Creek Middle School

This newsletter is created each week by Lauri Johnson, principal of Hammond Creek Middle School. If you have any questions or want to hear about certain topics, please use the contact information below.