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Newsletter 2

Buy from yourself and SAVE!

Did you know that Young Living has supplements? YES! Now you don't have to order from 10,000 websites to find the best. For a long time my family bought supplements from about 5-6 different sources. Beachbody, HEB, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and the Chiropractor's office. But now, we just buy them from our own Young Living "store." Not only do we save money because of all the free things they throw in but we also get REALLY great quality supplements enhanced with essential oils. They work exceptionally well and we only need a small dose. Unfortunately supplements are something we really need in order to keep our bodies healthy. There just isn't enough in what we buy from the store. Here are a few things we would need to do in order to AVOID taking supplements.

1. Eat fresh picked berries daily (antioxidants)

2. Eat an abundance of raw healthy fats daily (omegas)

3. Get 15 mins of sun a day without sunscreen (Vitamin D) (easy in Texas summer!)

4. Ferment our own raw milk or coconut milk yogurt (probiotics)

5. Grow and Ferment/Culture Vegetables (digestive enzymes & probiotics)

6. Eat fresh algea for minerals & aminos

7. Eat an abundance of greens for vitamins and calcium

8. Harvest Bee's for bee pollen or grow veggies and not wash them for B Vitamins

Can it be done? YES! In fact, I do a few of the things listed above. But I'm not always consistent. So, therefore, we supplement. In this news letter Im going to list some things that are my favorites. I like the BARE minimum mind you. After I list my favorites, I will give you a list of all of Young Living Supplements. Last thing! Wait! If you order your supplements on essential oils you get points back for your purchases. Then you can use those points to "buy" anything you want! FREE Oils, Makeup, skincare, more supplements, body care, whatever you want!!

1. Ningxia Red

Hands down my favorite supplement of all. THE best. Best OF the BEST! I DO NOT like taking pills. So this is just a pure joy for me. Amino Acids, minerals, antioxidants and more in a single ounce of juice? YES please. This has been amazing for my family.

4 KEY components

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Pure, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

DESCRIPTION: Orange (Citrus sinensis), Yuzu (Citrus junos), Tangerine (Citrus reticulata), and Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oils

BENEFIT: NingXia Red includes a carefully selected blend of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Orange and Lemon essential oils were included for their ability to help maintain normal cellular function.* The benefits of orange oil and benefits of lemon oil also include their naturally occurring constituent d-limonene. Tangerine and Yuzu essential oils benefit the NingXia Red formula with their bright and fresh citrus flavor.
This pure and potent essential oil blend synergistically and deliciously works to support the body’s natural defenses, overall wellness, and much more.* No other nutrient-infused beverage can offer the careful formulation of essential oils found in NingXia Red!

2. Multigreens

This has been a staple in our home for a few years. I used to buy other greens powders that I thought were working until I tried this one for the first time. The bee pollen in here, the minerals the iron and the ..... MELISSA Essential oil, OMG! Great combination. You'll notice this working right away.
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3. Life 9

Probiotics are something we can't live without. They just make digestion ON POINT! We take them at night and by morning. Well.... you know! When I was having some breakouts on my face my mom told me "You need go to the Dr. and get on an antibiotic." I said "Why would do that? How about I just double up on the probiotics so they can do the work?" That's like putting a bomb off and killing the good guys and the bad guys. How about just equip the good guys with more soldiers so they can have a sensation army?! Well, needless to say. It worked. And rather quickly I might add.
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4. Enzymes

Since we cant always have fresh fermented probiotic and enzyme vegetables on hand at every meal then supplementing with digestive enzymes is a preferable alternative. Now keep in mind that not all digestive enzymes are created equal. Young Living is HUGE on digestive enzymes. We have 3 kinds to suit your needs. They are all similar but different too. For the most part, we just take the Essentialzymes.
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