What is Media

I believe that in general, "media" refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies. In the computer world, "media" is also used as a collective noun, but refers to different types of data storage options. Computer media can be hard drives such as CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives. So when people want to take pictures from their digital camera into a photo processing store, they might ask what kind of media your pictures are stored on. The digital camera is going to ask if the flash memory card inside your camera or are they on a CD or USB drive. For that reason people need to understand the basics of Media. For centuries, literacy has referred to the ability to read and write. Today, we get most of our information through an interwoven system of media technologies .Media literacy is an essential skill for living in the 21st century. Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in all its forms. Without this important skill, we'd be at the mercy of media producers who want to influence us without our knowledge. Media Literacy is very important it teaches a lot of things such as Develop critical thinking skills, Understand how media messages shape our culture and society, Identify target marketing strategies, Recognize what the media maker wants us to believe or do, and Name the techniques of persuasion used. That’s the whole meaning of Media Literacy, and this is why it’s very important in this century.

super bowl ad

The structure of Super Bowl commercial for Smore 2

Fayez Mustafa

12 CP language arts



Coca-Cola in the commercial for their soda’s, Coke, which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that America is a beautiful country and is united by multiple races.

Coca-Cola promotes Coke by showing people from all across the world singing the United States’ national anthem, America the Beautiful, in different languages and drinking their Cokes.

Coca-Cola attempts to inspire viewers to further unite with each other and show the world just how beautiful they really are and how everyone is the same, in order to use America as an example and to get other countries to follow in its footsteps and lead the to the point where we will all be united.

The commercial uses an emotional and inspiring tone which connects with the true patriots of America and makes them love their country even more because it is a "melting pot" and make them say "America is such an amazing and diverse country

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LeBron James scores 150 points vs. Charlotte Bobcats!!

LeBron James scores 150 points vs. Charlotte Bobcats it was a Wednesday night game in Miami. The game started with a 3 pointer from LeBron than the next play he had a steal and make another deep three so the first minute of the game LeBron had 6 points that’s when everybody knew this night could be history for LeBron .He ended the 1st quarter with 3o points with 8-8 3pt land and 11-11 in the field goal range he was 100 percent in the 1st quarter .The 1st quarter was very impressive but the 2nd quarter was even more impressive from LeBron ,he scored 40 points in the 2nd quarter that was insane from LeBron .He was surprising everyone the players, coaches, broadcasters, and fans. During Halftime the whole nation was talking about this game .All the eyes was on LeBron during the 3rd and he still was surprising people with A monster dunk he was shocking the world with his performance in the 3rd quarter with 50 points!!!! By the end of the 3rd quarter he broke history with 120 points .The nation was Chanting MVP so he ended up playing in the 4th quarter just scoring 30 points to finish the game with the best performance ever from him.

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History Section

The Holocaust and its aftermath left millions of refugees, including many Jews who had lost most or all of their family members and possessions, and often faced persistent anti-Semitism in their home countries. The original plan of the Allies was to repatriate these "Displaced Persons" to their country of origin, but many refused to return, or were unable to as their homes or communities had been destroyed. As a result, more than 250,000 languished in DP camps for years after the war ended. The Holocaust gave a human face to the plight of the Jewish people scattered all over the world. Before, many European nations considered the Jewish segment of their populations almost like an embarrassment. When these segments met horrible atrocities locally, the news is suppressed and if the panic-stricken Jews fled abroad they were deemed part of a faceless, restless horde. The annihilation of 6 million Jews at the hands of otherwise highly-civilized Germans forced people everywhere to confront the disturbingly human content of the tragedy.

Secondly, the horror of the Holocaust made Jews realize that there was a great need for them to have a state of their own; otherwise they could never expect protection from outsiders. Towards this end they, under the auspices of the UN, carved a territory of their own and called it the land of Israel. Of course, in giving birth to their state, they displaced another group which has been living in the land before the Jewish return. In a decade since its inception, the shoes of shame, helplessness and insecurity passed over to the displaced Palestinians who became the faceless horde the Jews had been. World opinion would eventually have crystalized to favor the Palestinians except they chose a path that would instead horrify and alienate everyone - terrorism, a malady that lead us to 9-11.

The Ministry of Truth, where Winston works and has the job to rewrite the history and documentation of the state in order to satisfy current Party policy and interpretation he primary function of the Ministry of Truth is to construct lies that fit with the government's current interpretation of reality. Winston's job is to rewrite historical news so that anyone who chooses to check will see that, for instance, By rewriting history to fit with their current claims, the Ministry helps to construct the notion that Big Brother is an infallible, godlike leader. They also attempt to squash dissent by making it difficult for anyone to talk about the past. Most people end up like Julia, blind accepting the new truths and not worrying much about why (or even whether) the truth changes.
So if the Holocaust changed the world would be completely different .The Jews would probably be living in Europe than in the middle east ,it was such a turnaround .That’s why the holocaust would always be powerful when it comes to History it affected so many countries and millions of families .It gave Jews a powerful and hurtful experience.

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Smore 6

My response to 1984 is overall in think that is very special book,almost to the point that it was frightening .Orwell seems to have a look into the future while writing 1984,because he had touched on some points,even though he made them fictional ,he had them to relate almost different things that could possibly be in the near future ,and by him making it like a fine arts .He is one of the best authors .with his mindset and great ideas ,i think he almost predicited whats going to happen in the modern world.Orwell had alot of examples in the book that the world we live in today has a sort of effect on the people who live in it ,like when it comes to texting or social media ,the people in this world are making their own little language and its becoming a epidemic,If i wrote the 1984 story i would probably change the ending.I was irrated by the fact that Winston goes this is not right from "All Big Brother".If i re-wrote i would actually make it a better ending if Winston actually defeated the party ,it made them realize you can control all of us .But lastly ,i think the overall message i have knowledged from the 1984 book is that are we really ready for the future thats coming to us ?

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Media literacy is a repertoire of competencies that enable people to analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Media literacy was one of the most exciting and interesting class I have ever took. It really taught me a lot of things that’s going to help with the future. All the knowledge I learned from the media literacy course was Develop critical thinking skills, Understand how media messages shape our culture and society, Identify target marketing strategies, Recognize what the media maker wants us to believe or do, Name the techniques of persuasion used, Recognize bias, spin, misinformation, and lies, Discover the parts of the story that are not being told, Evaluate media messages based on our own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values, Create and distribute our own media messages, and Advocate for a changed media system. That’s what I learned from Media Literacy, I truly think that taking this class made me understand the technology world better and that’s a blessing. That’s why Media literacy will always help me in the future. Other Language arts are why different from Media literacy, in Language arts you can’t use your phones or any technologies. Media Literacy is too powerful forces in the lives of youth. Music, TV, video games, magazines and other media all have a strong influence on how we see the world, an influence that often begins in infancy. To be engaged and critical media consumers, kids need to develop skills and habits of media literacy. These skills include being able to access media on a basic level, to analyze it in a critical way based on certain key concepts, to evaluate it based on that analysis and, finally, to produce media oneself. This process of learning media literacy skills is media education. That’s why media literacy is too unique it will always be different from any other language arts class. I believe bringing laptops to class can be done differently to make this class better in the future .if students are allowed to bring their own laptops to school to media literacy class that would make this class better in the future.