Mrs. Miskelley's Dream Team News

November 30, 2015

Important Dates

December 4 – Friday Freeze

December 8 – Chick Fil- A Spirit Day

December 15– Christmas Party

December 18 – Last day of school before Christmas holidays.

Students are dismissed at 12:00

January 6- Students return to school.

Elf Alert!!

We will be entering into the holiday season very soon and the elves will begin making their yearly visits. While Santa’s little helpers are as cute as can be, they tend to cause distractions at school, and many times, they end up misplaced or lost. To help alleviate the stress elves can cause for our young students, we are asking that they not come to school over the next several weeks. Students will be allowed to bring their elves the day of their class Christmas party, but any other time, they should not be at school. Please be mindful of this as you begin making preparations for your child’s elf’s return

Christmas Party - December 15

*Be sure to look for a letter this week in the TEAM book explaining the details for our party.

*Pajama Day and Elf Day will also be Dec. 15.


We will continue our use of reading strategies along with our review of sight words and phonics skills to enhance our reading ability. We’ll be working on fluency and reading with expression. (RL1.1, 1.7, RF1.1, RF1.2, 1.3)

Children hearing the most language (the most words) will have the best chance of having the best language skills.” Jim Trelease


We are beginning our unit on information writing. This will include research reports, nonfiction books, book summaries, how-to books, and many other types of expository texts. (W1.2, 1.8)


For the next 2 weeks we’ll be reviewing addition and subtraction strategies. We will also incorporate more math games into our daily math lessons to help with our math fluency. (OA.C5, C6, D7, D8)

Social Studies

We will continue our study of Alabama this week. We will read, research, and report our learning about Alabama state symbols, jobs, recreation, and natural resources.

Good Citizen

Jori Barnett is our “Most Valuable Player” this week.

I am so proud of how Jori

treats others.

She is always a

helper to me

and to her


Trussville City Schools- Mission Statement

The mission of Trussville City Schools is to educate all students using high standards in a safe,nurturing environment fostering academic and career competencies that prepare them to be productive citizens.

Our vision is to help students move forward on a positive path toward college and career readiness.