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  • Nicki Minaj was born December 8, 1982 as Onika Tanya Maraj in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago.
  • When she was five, Nicki moved with her family to Queens, New York.
  • Her father was a severe drug addict and had a long history of violence. He once set her families house on fire in attempt to kill her mother.
  • Her poor home life fueled her desire to contribute to the female-empowerment movement and escape the life of depression her parents had.
  • Nicki attended La Guardia High School for the Arts and furthered her music career by taking on backup singing roles for New York rappers and posting her music on MySpace which landed her a label signing with Cash Money Records.
  • This connection introduced Nicki to Little Wayne with whom she created a series of mix tapes that increased her popularity.
  • Her first single "Your Love" peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Billboard Rap Songs chart.
  • Since then Nicki has won 4 American Music Awards, 8 BET Awards, 7 BET Hip Hop Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 1 MOBO Award, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, 1 People's Choice Award, and 4 Teen Choice Awards as well as releasing several albums, acting in three films and traveling on three tours.

Rise to Fame

  • Minaj released the intended lead single from her debut album, "Massive Attack" on March 29, 2010. After an underwhelming commercial reaction to the original single, "Your Love" was released as the album's lead single on June 1. The song peaked at number 14 on The Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on The Billboard Rap Songs Chart.
  • In August Minaj announced that the album would be entitled Pink Friday. In the following month she released two follow-up singles. In October, she became the first female solo artist to have seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously, and the first woman to appear on MTV's Annual Hottest MC List.

Top Songs

  • "Starships"
  • "Super Bass"
  • "Beez in the Trap"
  • "Pills N Potions"
  • "Bed of Lies"
  • "Truffle Butter"

Top Albums

  • The Pinkprint
  • Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
  • Ghetto Barbie
  • Pink Friday
  • Barbie World: The Mixtape

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Characteristics of Rap/Hip Hop

  • Originated in The Bronx New York in the 1970s
  • Rhythmic and rhyming speech
  • Stylistic elements include actual rapping, DJing or scratching, and often break dancing
  • Commonly featured instruments are the turn table, synthesizer, drum machine and guitar
  • Lyrics pertain to urban life
Nicki Minaj - Your Love


S- Snapping, Backup vocals, main vocals, chimes/bells

H- Snapping, Backup vocals, chimes/bells

M- Main vocals

R- Slow, in 4

G- Moderate-soft (Slope)

Intro-chorus-verse 1-chorus-verse 2-chorus-bridge-outro

Rap/Hip Hop


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