The Sea Turtle Submarine

By Natalie Phillips

The Beautiful, Graceful Sea Turtle Has Many Important Characteristics that Are Now Being Brought Into a Human Perspective!

The sea turtle submarine is a brand new product. This invention is the next level of the classic submarine. It is a machine that is able to twist and bend easily and can propel through the ocean 22 mph just like a real sea turtle except bigger. In addition, the product has great mobility. It is better than that of the normal submarines, and it prevents unwanted limitations. The submarine, colored green, will have flexible flippers just like a real sea turtle. The oval shaped flippers will be powerful and stabilize the machine. The gas reserves in the submarine's tank will need less power in order to move the submarine. In other words, it has great gas mileage! In addition, the "sea turtle" will be able to stay underwater longer than the average submarine. The hard shell of the machine will be like that of a real sea turtle. It will protect equipment and people inside. Also, the machine can dodge rocks/plants/etc. with the mobility of the flippers making it suitable for underwater missions or research. This amazing product will help ocean explorers or potentially the navy in underwater missions. In addition, the submarine will use less gas because the flippers are powerful and cause a lot of power to be brought forth. The people and equipment will be protected from the hard shell. With speed availability, submarines need all they can get. The "sea turtle" will be a worldwide help for those traveling through the ocean. Get yours today!

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