Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Cautions for Prevention


Hemorrhoids is a disease categorized by permanent dilation of the veins existing around anorectic region of the human body. The biological name for Hemorrhoids is “varicose hemorrhoidal venus plexus”. Irregularity in general life routine and basic habits is responsible for generating hemorrhoids symptoms.

Abnormality of such nature tends to produce strains and this ultimately leads to weakened veins. Moreover the valves exhibit reduced function as well. The idea of such a sensitive region being spoiled is embarrassing and to top that about 40% of general population is affected by it.

The significant figure of 40% population of the entire globe is likely to experience the symptoms of this pathology at least one in their lifetime. A fact of such creates an alarming situation for every other person out there. For all you know; you might be amongst this forty percent.

Significant Hemorrhoids Symptoms

A misconception exists amongst masses that people are likely to experience this issue in their late fifties. Recent studies have proven otherwise. Recent stats indicate that about 35% of individuals tend to exhibit symptoms of this disease before the age of fifty.

Before discovering effective solutions; you must first look out for the possible symptoms of hemorrhoids. This will not only help you understand the disease better but will also help you steer clear for any initial symptoms to kick off early treatment.

Some of the most important symptoms are:

  • Itching

  • Secretion

  • Bleeding

  • Swelling

  • Hemorrhoids discharge from the anus known as “prolapse”

Despite of its horrible nature, the bleeding symptom is actually the most common one. It is actually recognized as a distinctive feature of this pathology as a huge majority of 80% cases have reported experiencing this symptom.

The blood release is in control in the initial stages and is typically emitted in drops whereas with increase in the severity of this disease, it becomes rather easy to identify on toilet paper. Bright red color is a characteristic of rectum blood where as blood from colon is dark red.

In case of dark red blood, deep diagnosis in needed and a thorough medical examination is highly recommended.

Need for Treatment

The disease demands immediate medical attention as in case of delay the pathology can take seriously severe forms. Due to the nature of this disease people often experience embarrassment and as a result they tend to avoid seeking treatment altogether.

Delaying treatment creates painful experiences and forces individuals to seek treatment at the more advanced stages of this pathology.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Contrary to conventional belief, hemorrhoids are not only external in nature. Internal hemorrhoids are identified using techniques such as procosopy whereas the external types can be diagnosed simply through local inspection.

The intestinal tract of human body is observed directly and the pathology is analyzed using a tool about 30cm in length.

Symptoms of Different Hemorrhoids Types

  • External hemorrhoids are generally less on a nuisance to the patient. These tend to create high levels of pain in case of thrombosis only. Inflammation is alleviated which leaves skin excrescences. Irritation and itching is caused in case of large sized external hemorrhoids around anus.

  • Internal hemorrhoids are the most common ones and they tend to be painless in nature. Sufferers experience frequent rectal bleeding of bright red color which can be seen in bowel movements. Annoying itches and fecal continence are common symptoms.

The individuals suffering from internal hemorrhoids typically complain about mucosa discharge and painful sensations in case or thrombotic.

Biological and Physical Elements of Hemorrhoids

  • Intestinal malfunction

  • Constipation or diarrhea

  • Irregular defecation

  • Excessive stresses during evacuation

  • Disordered nutrition

  • Sedentary lifestyle and irregular habits

Causes of Hemorrhoids

  • Genetic element of an individual is a strong contributing factor in causing this particular pathology.

  • Abuse of laxatives is amongst the most prominent causes as it creates intra-abdominal strains.

  • Jobs that require maintenance of a standing position for longer time periods can produce a strong intra-abdominal strain leading to Hemorrhoids.

  • Sports practices of various kinds can strain out your intra-abdominal region as well.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids

You can rid yourself completely from the irritations causes by hemorrhoids quickly through immediate medical attention. The more you delay your treatment, the riskier it gets for you. The entire process of treatment depends on identification of cause and possible contributing factors.

DO NOT take your life style and diet in particular lightly at any cost. A healthy lifestyle paired with a highly balanced is your biggest defense against this disease for all times. It is most natural of precautions you can opt for and it entails countless other benefits to your life as a whole.

You should try avoiding maintaining a single position for extremely long time periods without any interruption just to be on the safe side. Look for the stress sources and try eliminating them from your life. Local therapy is another popular option for treatment and for at least temporarily relieve hemorrhoids symptoms.