Mexico's solidarity towards towns

By: Ximena Paredes Menchaca

Mexico's solidarity towards towns in conflict

On 1936 Spain started a civil war between supporters of the Spanish Republic and the side that agreed with the establishment of a military government. It was leaded by general Franciso Franco, who was supported by the countries of Germany and Italy. President Lazaro Cardenas supported the republican cause and offered help and protection from the Spanish republic defendors.

Since 1937 Spanish people started to come to Mexico, because they were getting away from war, and the repression of Franco government. On 1939, when the war in favor of Franco was over, hundreds of spanish people arrived to Mexico. To give support to others, they founded La casa española, that is now recognized as El colegio de Mexico.

The student movement of 1968

On summer of 1968, started some student protests against the authority of Mexico city,these demonstrations were suppressed by force and led to the imprisonment of some of its participants, including employees and housewives. On that time the eye of the world was attentive to what happened on Mexico, because for the first time the Olympic Games were going to be held in a Latin American country.

On that time, the world lived conflicts caused by competition between the Soviet Union and the United States to impose its political and economic domain, which is known as the Cold War and caused that freedom of expression seemed to be limited. On the decade of 1960, protests arose large sections of youth who were reported to social policies and economic inequalities, which had in their countries as France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy and Japan

What consequences had the student movement of 1968?

Divers sectors of the population joined to protest against the police and army repression. On 1968 there was a march called marcha del silencio, to protest for science, music and literature. Besides,nfurther questioning and criticism of the ruling party PRI were more consistent and were made from different cultural expressions.Also it considers that after October 2, 1968 a process on PRI government legitimacy began.
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