End child obesety

By: run For your life non-profit organazation

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How our organazation works!

We at the Run For Your Life© are a non-profit organization that helps prevent child obesity. We believe that parkour/freerunning is the best way to go to prevent obesity. By the time we have had this website/flier up for about three months we would like to have at least four reports of people losing weight freerunning!

What we do!

what we do is we promote the art of parkour while we fight child obesity in a, balanced way that gets kids moving and looking good doing it. ;) (winky face i will probly do that in my presentation but you will never know if i will forget.)

What is parkour?

parkour- (The act of getting from point A to point B the quickest and most efficient way possible.) with experimentation of what your physical body can do and to make that stronger to overcome fears and be able to do cool things like websters, gainers, ariels (etc.) with a good work out involved!

We dont just premote parkour!

We aren't here to promote parkour we support it because its a growing sport and we want it to become popular! But what we really want to promote is ENDING CHILD OBESITY! because 2/3 people in America are overweight/obese so what we really are supporting is any source of exercise and healthy eating so lets go and get healthy America!