2nd Homework project

by:JuleeAnn Esparza

Story elemnts

Well there is a few different parts of a story. There is a exposition,rising action,climax,falling action, and resolution. Exposition is the start or begging of a story which has a setting,characters, and the problem. The rising action has a few parts of the begging of the story and it tells about the characters and problem. The climax is were the most exciting part happens in the story. The falling action is were all of the loose ends get brought into the story and the problem is solved. The resolution is also were the problem is solved and were the ending happens.

Story Elements

There are some more parts of a story like Grabbers,Setting, and body paragraphs. A grabber is an opening paragraph or sentence it has several statements that capture the readers attention. You can have 4 different types of grabbers like 1. surprise the reader,2. ask a question, 3. use a quotation, and 4. use descriptive words/figurative language. A setting is the time and place where the scene occurs, it can help set the mood of the story. A body paragraph has 5 sentences or more. It starts out with a sentence about your topic, the 3 next sentences tell more about your subject then the 5 sentence finishes off the paragraph. In a story there are 5 paragraphs a starter paragraph then 3 body paragraph then a resolution paragraph.