4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ February 18, 2016

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Learning Targets of the Week


*Subtraction fractions without like denominators

* Recognize and explain why fractions are equivalent when both the numerator and denominator are multiplied by the same factor


*Use character traits to describe your own personality

* Write a poem that includes physical traits and characters traits that describe yourself

Social Studies

* Summarize the effect the missionaries had on Indian Life

* Show on a map the route of the Oregon Trail


*Identify minerals based on their level of hardness

* Identify rocks that contain the mineral Calcite


*Describe ways to observe the Lord's Day

* Identify Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

You're Kind of a Big Deal

Lenten Promises and Sacrifices- This Lent, Fourth graders have identified ways to help others and do penance as a way to grow closer to God and prepare for Easter. These promises and sacrifices of the heart can be seen on the bulletin board outside our classroom. Come check them out if you have the time.

Other Important Dates

Monday, Feb. 22nd: Prayer Test on Apostle's Creed

Friday, Feb. 26th: February Passport Check Day

Monday, March 21st: Lenten Cross Project Due