Tech Ninja Blast

Week of April 4, 2016

This Week's "JOT": Google Docs Add-on - "Open Clip Art"

This week's JOT is dedicated mainly to our colleagues at the elementary level, although other teachers might find this tool worthwhile for their older students as well.

Installing this free Google Docs Add-on - called Open Clip Art - is yet one more way you can reduce student tendency of "running all over the Google" trying to find simple visual elements to use in their Google Doc writing projects. Open Clip Art is a collection of over 50,000 clip art images and icons that are completely open source, totally school safe, and super easy to use when students are already working within a Google Doc. Again, no need to have them look beyond the page they're already working on. This is also a nice way to introduce younger students to the expanding world of productive Google Apps add-on's.

Open Clip Art Add On

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A correction to a previous post:

Q: "Can a student re-take or re-do a test they already took in Illuminate and if so, what happens to their original score?"

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A: Yes, it is possible to give students the same test again and doing so will automatically override (delete) the students' original score. There's nothing else that needs to be done. In the previous Blast I incorrectly stated that the students' scores on a given assessment needed to be deleted in the system prior to giving students the same test. You can still delete the student's score prior to the retake but it is not necessary to do so. Additionally, when giving a student a retake of an online test, you simply need to re-assign (roster) the assessment to the student. Again, the original score will be overridden once the test is completed (and scored).

Feel free to inquire about how Illuminate Education can be better used in your class to improve assessment delivery, streamline assessment scoring, and simplify data analysis and management.

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, April 4: CAASPP/SBAC Test Admin Training Dev. (DO), Staff Meeting (HS)
  • Tues, April 5: Ed-Tech Support - (MS), CAASPP Training Dev (DO)
  • Wed, April 6: Ed-Tech Support - (FG)
  • Thurs, April 7: Ed-Tech Support - (CHS)
  • Fri, April 8: Ed-Tech Support - (RD)