Kids Konnection 2018

Issue 1

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To everything there is a season...


These words mean so many things. To some moms it means a sigh of relief, to some kids it may mean excitement, for some they are the "dreaded 3 words."

Here at Providence it means that it is another beginning! A new year with many great opportunities to serve and be blessed.

This has been a busy summer for the children's ministries. We are still finalizing and organizing teachers, curriculum and assigning rooms.

We have started a new check in system for our littlest ones. We have been making changes and learning new things.

Please DON'T FORGET to register your family on our system at EASY!

We are excited and can't wait to get started on the new year!


There are still opportunities in our Children's Ministries.

Is God calling you this year?

Please talk to me (Jennifer Sterk) if you are looking to get plugged in. These ministries need to be staffed by September...and that is not far away! YOU could be one of the lucky few that get to spend time in a classroom with these amazing kids!

YOU'RE INVITED! Who doesn't love to be invited?

At Providence it is a privilege to walk alongside these kids. Just think, YOU could be a part of a team. A team that is focused on LOVING, LEADING AND LEARNING about our Father with the kids in the classroom.

I can't think of anything better.

Ministry Opprtunities:


Take T.W.O.s

Little Lambs

Children's Worship

Kingdom Kids

Pint Size Praise

Bible Memory Camp

Sunday School


Remember back to when you were a kid. Who were your influences? What stayed with you as an adult? Maybe a Teacher? Memory verse? Special story taught a fun way?

If you could go back and thank them now, would you?

Our spiritual journey is one that starts when we are young. It often decides what our future beliefs will look like.

Come, be a part of one of the most awesome journeys in a kid's life.

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Keep reading your newsletters...there's S'more to come!

Jennifer Sterk

Director of Discipleship for Youth