Let's make a PACT

PACT for Prevention

P- Plan ahead

A- Avoid harmful substances

C- Choose a healthy lifestyle

T- Talk with your healthcare provider

Plan head ? ........... Take 400 micro grams of folic acid EVERY DAY.

* Folic acid is a "B vitamin".

* Suggested to be taken a month before planning pregnancy, or during pregnancy.

* Can prevent MAJOR birth defects.

Avoid harmful substances?.... Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs at ANY time.

* Alcohol in a woman's bloodstream passes to the developing baby.

* There is NO known SAFE amount of alcohol intake DURING and before pregnancy.

* Smoking & drugs can cause birth defects and infant death.

Choose a healthy lifestyle.... Make GOOD life changing choices

* Keep diabetes under control.

* Strive to reach and maintain a health weight.

* Both can put your baby at high risks.

Talk with your healthcare provider... Ask your doctor QUESTIONS

* Talk to healthcare provider about any medications.

* Talk to a healthcare provider about vaccinations(shots).

* Pregnant women are more prone to severe illness.

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