Welcome to Sunflower Public School

Kim's transition to kindergarten

What to expect from our transition meeting:

The transition meeting provides us with an opportunity to create a plan to aid Kim in having a happy and successful transition from daycare to kindergarten. This is a time for gathering and sharing information about Kim's strengths and needs. Our goal is to develop a plan that will best meet Kim's needs, so she can enter school with a feeling of comfort and develop a love for school and learning.

The Collaborative Team:

Kim's transition meeting will include key individuals that can provide wonderful insight into making her kindergarten entry as successful as possible:

  • Kim's family
  • school Principal: Ms. Rocket
  • kindergarten teacher: Ms. Sunshine
  • Special Education Resource Teacher: Mr. Kai
  • Speech & Language Pathologist: Mr. Gru
  • Occupational therapist: Mrs. Song
  • Physiotherapist: Mr. Grey

After the meeting:

The information gathered at the meeting and through prior assessments will be used as a basis to create a Individual Education Plan for Kim when she enters school. Prior to the first day of kindergarten your family will have an opportunity to visit Kim's classroom and teacher so she can feel comfortable with her new environment. We will do our best to answer any questions you have and ensure you know the school routines. We are excited to welcome Kim into our school family.