KJH Kind Club

Kearney Inclusion-N-Diversity

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the KJH Kind Club is to increase awareness of similarities and differences to enhance empathy and inclusion among one another.

The mission of KJH Kind Club is to make sure that every student feels valued and included.

The KJH Kind Club is a student-driven club that is open to all students.

Upcoming Meetings

All students are welcome to attend our meetings. We meet during Seminar in the A-wing.

October 10th

October 17th - Committee Meetings

October 31st

January 16th

Students who would like to attend the Thursday, January 16th meeting need to complete this form to attend the meeting. Students will be bringing ideas for spotlighting African-American History Month at KJH.


KJH Kind Club Student Information

At our next Kind meeting on October 10th, we will be signing up for student committees. Each committee will have a different focus on how to improve inclusion at KJH.

Students will choose from the following committees:

New Students - how can we help KJH new students feel more welcome?

Lunch - how can lunchtime be utilized to improve inclusion at KJH?

Diversity/Inclusion - How can KJH improve on understanding diversity and promoting a culture of inclusion?

Outreach - What community/online resources can we utilize that would help grow the culture of inclusion at KJH?

KJH Kind Club Students - please pick your choice of committee by completing this form: KJH Committee Survey

Upcoming Activities

At the January 16th meeting, KIND members started creating a spotlight for an Awareness board at KJH. Students researched African-American leaders to spotlight during Black History Month. Students also made positive notes to put on student lockers.

To check out what we have been discussing at our meetings, click here.

Kearney Junior High Bullying/Harassment Policy

At Kearney Junior High, our goal is for all students to feel safe and comfortable at school. We appreciate your help in achieving this by reporting any act of bullying or harassment to the Kearney Junior High administration.

If you need to report an act of bullying or harassment, please CLICK HERE.

Need more information?

We would love to hear your questions about KJH Kind. Feel free to reach out to Samantha Anderson, Erin Hawkins, or Laura Hartman at Kearney Junior High.

Samantha Anderson (Counselor) andersons@ksdr1.net

Erin Hawkins (Counselor) hawkinse@ksdr1.net

Laura Hartman (Assistant Principal) hartmanl@ksdr1.net