Forged by fire

By Sharon M. Draper

Summary of Forged By Fire

There is a boy named Gerald and his sister Angel is being abused by thier step father Jordan and their mother Monique is helpless to help.Jordan is doing something to Angel that is wrong and how Gerald saves Angel from Jordan.Gerald is in a fire when he is three see how Monique goes to jail.Aunt Queen Gerald aunt queen takes care of him for six years then someone comes to visit him.See how Angel meting Gerald and how Jordan and Monique are introduced into Gerald's life.See how Jordan is tried for what he does.Gerald makes some good friends and gets on the basketball team and see how one of his friends Rod dies and see how Mr. Washington is acting.And see how fire brings a family together.

This Is One Book You Want To See

This is the shortest most tragic book ever you have to read it but there is a chance you will cry.

Author Information

Sharon M. Draper has won three awards and has so many books that are so good.There is Tear of a Tiger and Darkness by Dawn


* Gerald catches apartment on fire when he was 3.

* Gerald moves in with Aunt Queen.

*Monique gets out of prison for six years and has come to get Gerald is nine years old.

*Aunt Queen has a heart a attack from the pressure of Monique wanting Gerald.

*Gerald is forced to live with Monique and Jordan.

*Jordan is abusing Angel and Monique and Gerald.

*Gerald realizes what Jordan is doing to Angel.

*Jordan goes to jail for what he did to Angel.

*After six years Jordan is home.

*Gerald and Angel are still weary from Jordan.

*Monique is in a accident and starts on drugs and washes the pills down with beer.

*Rod Gerald's friend is in a car accident and dies Gerald thinks it is his fault because they wanted him to come and party with them.

*Angel is left a lone at home and the apartment caches on fire and Angel is being raped by Jordan wile the fire is burning.

*Gerald comes in and goes to Angels room a finds Jordan ready to rape Angel when Gerald starts a fight with Jordan.

*Jordan leaves Angel and Gerald to die when Gerald saves Angel and himself.

*Gerald hears Monique before he passes out.

*Gerald wakes up and they give him some good news that Jordan died in the fire.