BRAVE Update

Bear Creek Intermediate School

Under Construction?

You may or may not remember, but Bear Creek is going to be receiving a classroom addition this year! This was an improvement project included in the 2014 bond election and plans are still on to begin working on this project this school year. It is planned to be complete by the beginning of the 16-17 school year.

Here are some things that you can expect to see in the coming month or so:

  • New 6th grade playground equipment will be built to the east of its current location. Old equipment will be torn down upon completion of the new equipment.
  • Orange construction fence will go up in the coming weeks marking work areas and safety zones. We will be posting and sharing a map of improvements when we receive that from our friends at the construction company.
  • A construction trailer will be delivered to the site in the coming weeks and will be placed in the field just east of the front parking area.

Please be assured that we are working with district and construction contacts to minimize any impact to the BCI learning environment!

Staff Golden Brave!

We have been honoring students the past few weeks with a Golden Brave Award. We would like to begin doing this with our amazing staff as well and are putting out the call to our BCI Brave families! Please click the link below to nominate an amazing BCI staff member so we can honor and celebrate them!

Staff Golden Brave Nomination Form

New Website Coming

Keller ISD will be rolling out new websites in the coming weeks! The approximate active date for the new website will be Monday, October 5th. As with anything technology, please be patient with the glitches that are bound to occur, but do know that we are working to ensure that transition will be smooth and all information will be present on the new site! When dates are firm, we will use all our communication methods to make sure that you are informed and ready! We are excited about the new look!

New Staff Highlight

Tribes are here!!

We are very pleased to share that tribes (after school clubs/activities) will be starting in the coming weeks. Our amazing staff believes that these are opportunities to apply and extend classroom learning and there are many opportunities to work together, be creative, think deeply and serve! We hope that there is a tribe here for your Brave!

Bear Claw News

Students represent their team as a journalist and write articles of various topics for the on-line newspaper for BCI-The Bear Claw News. First meeting October 7th.

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of each month, 2:45 - 3:30.

Contact: Mrs. Singleton

Robotics Tribe

Students will learn problem solving, critical thinking and creativity through exploratory development of robots. First meeting October 7th.

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 2:45 – 3:45

Contact: Mrs. Stone

Courtesy Kids

Courtesy kids are the first face people will see coming into the building. These students will be opening doors all over the school and assisting parents, students, and teachers to start their day with a smile starting at 7:15 in the morning. We only have one meeting on October 7th and then they will work one morning each week. Homeroom teachers are to pick two students for this job. First meeting is October 7th

Contact: Mrs. Arrington

Book Tribe

The BCI Library is offering a BOOK CLUB for students who love to read and to TALK about what they’ve read to fellow book lovers! First meeting is October 13th.

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, 2:50p - 3:30p

Contact: Mrs. Brewer

Debate Tribe

Students in Debate Club will become familiar with and practice basic debating skills, including research, ground rules, ethics, and timing. We will begin the year with Philosophical Chair debates and grow into more formalized debates with pro & con teams. First Meeting is October 14th.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday, 2:50p – 3:30p

Contact: Mrs. Thornton

Geography Bee

The Geography Bee gives students an opportunity to compete against others using World Geography map skills and their knowledge of world cultures. The preliminary bee will be held on December 4th. The top ten finalists will continue to the Final Geography Bee in January 2016 (date/time TBD). More information coming in November!

Contact: Mrs. Thornton

Chess Tribe

BCI Chess Club is a once a month, non-competitive camaraderie meeting to play chess, talk about tournaments, and share new moves and special techniques. More experienced players mentor novice players to the game. All levels are welcome. First meeting is October 21st.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday, 2:45p - 3:30p.

Contact: Mrs. Dangler

Art Tribe

BCI art club will meet bi-monthly to work on group and individual projects. Projects will range from creations to enhance the school as well as individual work. Both 5th and 6th graders are welcome. The class is limited to 20 and will be selected based on their completed applications. First meeting is October 26th.

Meetings: Mondays (2) by calendar, 2:45p – 3:45p in the Art room

Contact: Mrs. Streichert

Popcorn Tribe

Students will meet monthly to watch/discuss/critique a movie. 5th and 6th grade welcome. First meeting is September 28th.

Meetings: One Monday per month by calendar, 2:45p – 6:00p (depending on movie) in room 132.

Contact: Mrs. Lentz

Huzzah Tribe

Students will meet weekly to rehearse & perform a short play for parents. 5th grade only. First meeting is October 2nd.

Meetings: Every Friday, 2:45p – 4:30p in room 132

Contact: Mrs. Lentz

5th Grade Choir

The 5th Grade Choir will meet once a week on Thursday mornings to rehearse music to perform for a community performance and a short concert for parents. First meeting is October 1st.

Meetings: Every Thursday, 7:00a – 7:30a in the choir room.

Contact: Ms. Bucklew

Running Tribe

The purpose of Run club is to increase physical activity. We offer a Fall Run Club and a Spring Run Club. Each one lasting 6 weeks. First meeting is October 6th.

Meetings: every Tuesday (Oct. 6-Nov.17), 2:45p – 3:30p in the small gym.

Contact: Coach Todd

Recycle Tribe

The purpose of Recycling Representatives is to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, as well as earn money for BCI and improve the environment. First meeting is October 6th.

Meetings: every Tuesday, 7:15 – 7:30 in room 401

Contact: Mrs. Dickson

Harry Potter Book Tribe

A group to read and enjoy an amazing story and maybe dig a little deeper into the writer’s craft! First meeting is October 5th.

Meetings: 1st/3rd Mondays, 2:45-3:30 in the Library

Contact: Mr. Stamm

Dress Code Help

We wanted to share a couple of observations regarding dress from the first few weeks of school.


Our girls need to make sure that shorts are long enough, reaching mid thigh. Another reference point is for shorts to fall between the middle and end knuckle of the middle finger. Also, if your student is going to wear tights/yoga pants, they should be wearing a shirt that falls to mid thigh. At the very least, the shirt must cover their entire front and back areas.


We are seeing boys wearing hats to school. That is fine, but when entering the building, they should remove those and place them in their lockers.

We'll be sharing this same information during announcements, but would appreciate your support and reminders at home, too! The link below is to the dress code document that is also available on our website.

Keller ISD Dress Code

Lunch Thoughts

Seconds/Snacks - these are available to students during lunch times and if students are asking for these things, lunch monitors are allowing them to do so. We wanted to make you aware just in case you are noticing account balances dwindling quickly.

Balance - make sure to be checking balances regularly. Students are not allowed to overcharge their account and will be given a basic meal (cheese sandwich) if their account does not have sufficient funds. Please see the Keller ISD/Sodexo link for information. You can also find this link on our website.

Counselors' Corner