Gilbert Intermediate - Mileage Club

Shoot for the Stars

2016 Mary Greeley Mileage Club March 29th- May 20th

Mileage Club Kick-Off Assembly: April 11th, 10:15 am, Followed by a Whole School Walk

Mileage Club Closing Assembly: May 23rd, 8:15 am

Mileage Club Days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Mileage Club offers students an opportunity to walk or run during designated recesses and participation is voluntary. Fun activities throughout the program reward and recognize students for being physically active. All awards are designed to provide students with a sense of accomplishment, recognition, and a source of positive image building.

Running the Program

Mileage club lap cards will be placed in your teacher mailboxes. Please distribute to your students before they head out for recess. A coordinator and volunteers will be at the track on Mileage Club days. Once a week typically on Mondays, completed lap cards with the students awards attached to them will be placed in your mailboxes to distribute back to the students. Volunteers will attach certificates to students' lockers to show their personal achievement. Fruit and Vegetable Home Tally sheets will be distributed to each teacher this week to give to all students. There is also a new award to celebrate Mary Greeley's 100th Birthday. All students are to proceed to the track to start their laps. New this year, we are offering students the opportunity to play on the playground. After approximately 15 minutes on the track students who have met their goal for the day may leave the track and be escorted as a group to the playground. After that point those who stayed on the track must stay and those that went to the playground cannot return to the track.

I will give details on all of this during the assembly and about the new awards, theme days and special events.

Week 1: March 29 (Music Day), 30*, April 1

Week: 2 April 4, 6*, 8

Week 3: Walk for Water Week, April 11(Music Day), 13*, 15

Week 4: April 18 (Family Day), 20, 22 (Bubble day)

Week 5: United Way Food Drive Week, 25 (Music Day), 27*, 29

Week 6: May 2, 4 (Family Day), 6

Week 7: Walk for Water Week, May 9, 11*, 13 (Family Day)
Week 8: May 16 (Music Day), 18*, 20 (Bubble Day)

*Wonderful Teacher Wednesday

We appreciate you help in making Mileage Club a success.

Mileage Club Coordinators

Marie Schwartz: and Sara Tifft: