Kendra Fox

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What resource does Venezuela have? Why is it important?

Venezuela has one of the worlds largest oil reserves. The most productive oil fields lie in the Maracabo Basin in the eastern Llanos. Large amounts of natural gas occur in the oil fields.
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Did Venezuela have any wars? How did it affect peoples lives?

The Spanish monarchy takes over control of the Venezuelan colonies. Spain is defeated by the forces of Simon Bolivar in the battle of Carabobo, paving the way for Venzuelan Independence.
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What environmental issue is Venezuela currently facing? Why?

Its major environmental issue includes deforestation, over fishing , the threat to the rain forest ecosystem from irresponsible mining operations.

How are the holidays different then ours? Why?

Oh holy Wednesday (the Wednesday before Easter)and image of Jesus is taken on procession through town while the worshippers come to pay their respect and give thanks for the blessing they have received.

One of the most popular parties in Venezuela is Carnival. It is celebrated in January or February with dance, music, balloons, family festivites, fancy costumes, parades and a great deal of joy.