Figurative Language

Metaphors,puns,oxymoron,cliche,and irony

Examples of figurative language

Pun- A play on words that has two different meanings

Metaphor-a phrase that states that two things are the same, but they are completely different

Oxymoron- two words side-by-side that have opposite meanings

Cliche- A common phrase used over and over again

Irony-Something happens that is the opposite of what you were expecting

The Dragon Fever

Drake the dragon was having a very bad day. He had dragon fever. His face was as red as a beet(cliche). He was a walking watermelon(Metaphor). "Owwww," he moaned when his bellyache started to get worse. Drake decided to get some help. He called his mom and asked her, "Mother, what should i do with dragon fever?" She told him that a drink of water would be helpful for him. So, he flew to the atlantic ocean.

At the ocean a surfer looked up and asked his friends If that was a dragon on the beach. Just then the dragon spotted them and screamed,"AHHHHHHHH. It's a person!!!"(Irony) Then, he flew back to a small, abandoned lake. Once there he drank for a while. It did not help. After that, he called his father. His father said to lie down and suck it up. This did not seem like a good option to Drake so he called his little brother and asked what to do about dragon fever.

His brother said,"Take a deeeeeep breath and blow with everything you got!" Drake did. He blew and blew and blew. He blew so hard that the extra fire in his stomach (Dragon fever) came out. He blazed across the grand Canyon,Mt. Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, and finally, the circus. The fire in the circus was in tents(Pun). A little ways past the circus he crash-landed(Oxymoron). His little brother's advice was the best.