By: Alex Hammond, Mikey Oliver, Amber Lamon

What it is and how it works.

Vine is a social media where people create short humorous videos to entertain the social needs of others.

Its works by tapping the screen and releasing it then tapping it again to make a humorous video to show the social media.

Include the uses in the buissness world.

Toyota took its cars off-road with an entertaining Vine post from Toyota Spain.

Wheat Thins uses Vine's quick visual capabilities to film the crackers spelling out the two hashtags.

Advantages of using this social media

The advantages of using this social media is that you can show more people, advertise, and creating funny videos to bring in customers.

Disadvantages of using this social media

The disadvantages of using this social media is that some people may not use vine and the amount of people the vine reaches is limited/not as big as tv advertisement.

Rules that must be followed within a business when using this social media

1)Do Give Followers a Sneak Peek

2)Do Humanize Your Brand

3)Do Demonstrate a New Product or Service Feature

4)Do Have Fun With Audio

Consequences that could happen if rules are not followed.

Violation rules of Terms of Agreement.