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Come join the society of the mightiest and largest Greek city state around! Athens controls the region Attica, which contains rich, fertile soil which is ideal for crops, so never worry about farming dilemmas again! There is also an abundance of silver, lead, and marble, so you can become rich; who doesn't like sound of that? Also, you can live in an area that is busy with travelers and traders, so you can get right in the action. Don't debate over what city state to go to, Athens is clearly the only logical choice!
Athens, Greece: Ancient Acropolis and Agora

It's All About Athens


Many people in Athens found entertainment in theaters that can hold over 18,000 people. These semi-circular structures were the center for drama and music, as many people performed there. There are many men actors that can perform entertaining shows while you visit. Athens also provides countless sports, such as the well-known Olympic Games, and there are many recreational gymnasiums where you can work out and relax. Finally, you can entertain yourself with the famous temple, the Parthenon. Inside there is a giant Athena statue made of gold and ivory, so you can practice religion in the Parthenon.

Social Structure

In the social aspect, everybody has their own powerful role. Men are supposed to actively participate in public, and women are supposed to be active mothers and care for the children. As you can see, there is plenty do do in Athens' society and anyone can help contribute.


If you're worrying about comfort, than Athens is the best way to go. By living in strong stone or clay houses with roofs covered in tiles or reeds, you can sleep safe knowing that your house will guard you perfectly. Enjoy the luxury of many unique rooms and a courtyard outside with strong walls protecting the houses. To get around, there are wagons, carriages, and carts, but if you can always walk, too, and it gets you exercise! Also, you can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks, such as bread, wine, olives, figs, cheese, dried fish, vegetables, fruit, and honey cakes.


The main purpose of education in Athens is to train students in arts and to help prepare them for peace and war. Education is extremely valued and kids at the age of six would start learning. Learning was mainly meant to help the development of a student's physical, mental, and moral qualities. Become a member of Athens so you can have a proper education!

Travel Alerts

While Athens may have some setbacks, any other city state will clears have more downsides than Athens. One worry is enemy attacks, such as out major enemy, the Persians. However, this is one of the only dangers in Athens, and with our great military force, this is not a problem. When you compare our dangers to other states, such as Sparta, it is clear to see that we can live the safest lives here.

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