Join Weight Training Expert James Larkin - June 6th - 13th

HHH HARDCORE Week June 6th - 13th 2015 with guest Pilates teacher Jess Schuring

Jess Schuring - Trainer to the stars,,,,

"Jess gained her credentials at the National Personal Training Institute in Santa Monica, where she achieved the highest cumulative marks ever given. Her results-driven approach, and ability to transform people’s bodies meant that she was soon in demand as a personal trainer in Beverly Hills. But she was still looking for more – this time, for her clients rather than herself. She wanted a workout that was fun, effective and functional; that kept people motivated, engaged, and excited about their own wellbeing.

And that’s where Heartcore comes in."

As a special LARKIN offer you will get our discount of £100* off per room!

Our HHH HARDCORE 5 Star Luxury Retreat:

Kefalonia Island, Greece, 7 day all inclusive weight loss - fitness - yoga - detox retreats from £1895 twin share and £2495 single

Our HHH HARDCORE 5 Star Luxury Retreat:

This is a week NOT for the faint hearted, for mid and high levels of fitness ONLY including:

  • Advanced running
  • Hill sprinting
  • Ocean swimming
  • Group fitness training
  • Cycling up the brutal yet scenic hills of Kefalonia
  • Weight training with specialist JAMES LARKIN
  • Advanced Pilates with teacher to the stars JESS SCHURING
  • HIIT
  • One to one personal training
  • 2 TOUGH 4 hour morning hikes
  • Open Sea kayaking
  • Mini triathlon - on the last day
  • 2 Spa Treatments - massages or relaxation therapies in the dedicated spa
  • A day trip around the Greek Islands in the Princess 50 ft speedboat
  • Delicious Healthy Cuisine

"The focus is on changing your body composition (less excess fat, more muscle) rather than weight loss.

Food is low-GI, dairy-, wheat-, salt- and sugar-free."

Conde Nast Traveller SPA Guide 2015

5 Best Healthy Island Getaways

"Best for Fitness"


"Is this the Ultimate fitness holiday?"


"If you don’t laugh on a Hellenic Healthy Holidays break, I swear you have no sense of humour and no soul.

This is, quite simply, the most fabulously queenly fitness retreat I’ve ever been on!"

Jane Alexander, Queen of Retreats 2014

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The HHH team.