A Christmas Carol Backround

Jaxton Wiest

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was one of the world's most famous author to ever live. Dickens wrote many books including A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and Pickwick Papers. He was also married twice and 10 children.
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Industrialization is large scale manufacturing. This happened in Britain during the Victorian Era and because of this child labor was a big thing back then. Some examples of industrialization is the steam engine and the factory system.
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Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was a period of time in British history under the reign of Queen Victoria. This time particularly, had a lot of child labor and child poverty. Charles Dickens was in this era and died in it too.
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Child Labor & Poverty during the Victorian Era

There was 750,000 children engaged in child labor during the Victorian Era. If the children were not working, they were most likely in poverty. Most of the children worked in the harsh environment of the factories.

Extra Information

Minus the child labor and poverty, the Victorian Era was a great era. There was no major wars, taxes were low, and the population was sustainable.