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Edition I | November 8th, 2012

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The TIPAC Touch Points is a biweekly publication by the Tulane Israel Public Affairs Committee designed to keep the Tulane community up to date on current events in the Middle East and news regarding the U.S.-Israel Alliance. Please take the time to look around and inform yourself. If you have questions or suggestions for a future article, shoot us an email at tipac@tulane.edu.

TIPAC Presents: United States Foreign Policy- 2012 Elections and the U.S.-Israel Relationship

Monday, Nov. 12th 2012 at 7pm

912 Broadway Street

New Orleans, LA

Come on out to the first installment of TIPAC's workshop series, TIPAC Presents. This Monday, November 12th @ 7pm at Tulane Hillel!

We are thrilled to have Professor Fettweis from the Tulane Univeristy Political Science Department coming to discuss United States foreign policy in regards to Israel, the Middle East, and how the 2012 Elections will affect the U.S.-Israel Relationship.

There will be light refreshments, socializing, and the opportunity to delve into the current happenings in the United States political scene! (What more could you ask for?)

Questions? Email us at TIPAC@tulane.edu.

We can't wait to see you there!

Knesset Disolves Itself, Paving Way For Election

The Knesset, Israeli Parliament, passed a vote of 100 in favor to none opposed to dissolve parliament; elections will take place on January 22, 2013. Keep reading!

American Troops Arrive in Israel for Defense Drill

American troops have arrived in Israel to join the Israeli troops in a missile defense exercise, the first of six. Keep reading!

Analysis: Palestinians’ UN vote, Israel's elections

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas deciding when to bring the UN statehood bid to vote in the UN. Keep reading!

Obama and Netanyahu - After the U.S. and Before the Israeli Election

What does the reelection of President Obama mean for the elections occurring in Israel later in January? There are still many issues that the U.S. and Israel will continue to discuss in the future including Iran. Keep Reading!

U.S., Israel Ink MOU to Extend Loan Guarantees to 2016

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Israeli Finance Ministry Director General Doran Cohen signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in late October that grants Israel four additional years to use the remaining load guaranteed in 2003. Keep reading!

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