The Wetlands

Jill Justice of the CSI News Bulletin

What is a Wetland?

A wetland is a type of habitat, kind of like a nursery for plants a animals. They are important to our ecosystem because they act as a filter for water, and prevent flooding. The wetlands have bacteria that sucks up some bad things in the water, like particles of oil.

Wetland Threats!

Humans are a major threat to wetlands, one we destroy them so we can build in that area. Oil spills definitely are a problem, and other pollution. Invasive species are killing off wetland natives to they can take over the wetland! Falling trees are causing wetlands to flood over, and people dredging are tearing up the wetlands. And lets not forget subsidence, when people pump all of the oil and natural gas out from under the wetlands causing them to sink!

Jill Justice!

If you have any questions about the wetland and/or how you can help don't be afraid to ask!