Team Westerhoff All Star Newsletter

February 2016 Celebrating January 2016

Hello All Stars!

WOOHOO! January and the Fall/Winter Catalog ended well! Thank you to all who pushed through and partied through the last month of the catalog! Because you did that, you're going to get a paycheck in a couple of days! Love that, right??

And now we are one week into our Spring Summer 2016 Catalog! You all are LOVING it! I can tell by how many parties you have already entered! And the pillows are going over super well! Another exciting thing is that I have about $1000 in volume so far this month and I am EXCITED to say that EVERY single customer has taken advantage of the Customer Special!

In this issue:

  1. Catalog Changeover Tips!
  2. You + Two = SUCCESS
  3. Mark your calendar for your February Better Together Meeting!
  4. Celebrations

Catalog Changeover Tips

It's a new catalog season! It's kind of like a new semester at school! I always loved clearing out my old binders, folder, and locker, and starting FRESH with new supplies! If you haven't officially done your catalog changeover, here are some tips for you to make it smooth and easy!

What are the first things I need to do?

  • GET CATALOGS! If you haven't earned or ordered new catalogs, this is important. It is an investment in your business like no other, really. If you knew someone was a consultant for a company you were interested in ordering from and she did not have a catalog to give to you, what would you think? Your catalog is your storefront. Be open for business!
  • "But I can't afford catalogs." If you say that, you should rethink that. You can't afford NOT to have catalogs! Order your catalogs and do your DARNEDEST to get that pack paid back ASAP by getting enough orders to cover it. Did you know the average customer order is $80? ONE average customer order will pay you back. And then you have 24 other catalogs out there to get orders from.
  • BUDGET! "But Jennifer, you just said that I can't afford not to get catalogs!" That's right! But are you going to get one, two, or three packs? Think about how many parties you will do this season? I recommend getting enough to last you the first half of the season. You can get more later. It'll only cost you $4 extra to have two separate business supply orders versus overestimating and having WAY too many supplies.
  • BUDGET YOUR TIME! Jennifer Pasalakis, our National Executive Director, says "Mail and CALL or do not mail at all!" Mailing or handing out a catalog and not following up is a waste of money. When you give out a catalog, call them within a few days to see what they thought. If you mail out 100 catalogs at a time, it is going to be HARD to call 100 people within a few days. BUDGET your time. Send out 10 and call 10. Send out 10 and call 10 more! It just depends on your time and goals - you get to decide how many. Here is a sheet to help you keep track!

What do I do with my old business supplies?

  • Some people want to just recycle the old and start fresh with the new, but what good are those catalogs doing for you at Waste Management? Put a label on them that say, This catalog is OLD, but here's what you DO! Contact me today and I'll show you what's NEW!
    This catalog is old but like what you SEE? To get a brand new one just contact ME!
  • Leave these around town at your appointments (with their permission) or hand out at vendor events. Sometimes people just take a catalog "to be nice" or to get the heck out of your booth (sad, but true sometimes), so give them one of these!

What do I do with products and prints that have retired??

  • If the product is carrying over in a new print, you can keep it in your party kit! If someone loves it and wants THAT pattern, I sell it on the spot and reorder the updated print under the hostess's party!
  • If the product has retired, have a sample sale at your catalog kick off party! I did this and sold a lot of retired product, showed and sold new product, and BOOKED PARTIES! I actually booked 6 at this event. You can keep the cash OR you can take that and reinvest into your business buying new products for your party kit. Up to you!
  • Use them as booking incentives! Leverage those products by offering them to hostesses who book on your HOT DATES (dates that best work for you) or for parties that are over $600 or $1000 (whatever you want!). I had a Fashion Editor that I got for free ($130 value) and someone booked to get it for free AT her party. I have a $800 party from it so far and I didn't pay anything for it. That's a way better deal for me than just selling it at a discount, right?? LEVERAGE what you have!

Social Media

  • Do not make this a priority - booking and holding parties is a priority. However, if you can go through your Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and delete OLD products, old offers, etc, it will really clean up your group/page! A social media expert wrote that it will help your views/impressions go UP! I need to find that source!
  • MAKE SURE your group banner/cover is NEW! I have heard of people looking for a consultant and her posts on her group are OLD. What did the potential customer think? That because she last posted in October, that October was the month she went OUT OF BUSINESS! She is still in business! It's like seeing Thanksgiving decorations up in a store. DO they really care?? Are they paying attention?

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It is really a rather simple formula, but can be the foundation of a FANTASTIC Spring Summer Season of SELLING, BOOKING, and SPONSORING!

If you haven't had a Seasonal Kick Off Party yet, now is the time to start planning it. That is the YOU part of the equation. YOU get at least 10 people to your party and then work towards booking at least TWO parties from that party. That is the TWO! Make those three parties at least an average party of $600, and you will have earned $450! What else have you done? If you are following the pattern, you have met 20 new people, you have booked four more parties off of the two. and you probably met someone who wants do join your team! Seriously! Have you asked her yet? Those things are the SUCCESS part of the equation!

Would you like to be in our YOU + TWO = SUCCESS CHALLENGE?
1. Book your Seasonal Launch Party and hostess coach yourself like crazy!
2. Book two more parties from that

3. Keep that pattern going!
4. SHARE your success on our team Facebook Group or with me!

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Your Better Together Meeting is next week!

If you registered for the meeting, do your VERY BEST to attend!

  • This information is GOOD for your business
  • Your Director hosts are saving a spot for you, have prepared for you, and often have paid for a room that will hold ALL of the people registered. Do your best to honor your RSVP!

Why would you go to your Better Together Meeting?
  • You're going to get some great information on how you will sell the beejeebers out of PILLOWS this season! This is going to be a big draw and you do not want to miss out!
  • In two weeks, we've sold TEN THOUSAND+ pillows. Get in on that!
  • Connection with sister Consultants
  • Celebration of your efforts in December & January
  • Special message from Cindy Monroe
  • Get ideas and get energized
  • Great way to kick off the Spring/Summer Catalog Season!

IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED and want to attend a meeting...please get in touch with me so that we can try to connect you with a meeting!

Party People!

The foll;owing team members had at least TWO parties last month!
Two average parties ($600 PV) is $300 in commissions!

What would you do with $300?

Danielle Abbott 6

Jill Walmer 6

Beth Fisher 5

Trista Handlos 5

Erika Knutson 4

Monika Nuffer 3

Sue Morrell 2

Pamela Sewell 2

Ashley Suehiro 2

Jami Steimle 2

Lucy Blanco 2

Dana Mulvihill 2

Top in Personal Volume!

These team members sold at least $600 (the amount of one average party) this month. The commission on $600 is $150!

What would you do with $150??

Jill Walmer $ 4,038.00

Beth Fisher $ 3,734.00

Trista Handlos $ 2,454.00

Danielle Abbott $ 2,433.00

Pamela Sewell $ 2,196.00

Erika Knutson $ 1,744.00

Monika Nuffer $ 1,393.00

Lucy Blanco $ 1,321.00

Brooke Alumbaugh $ 1,203.00

Sue Morrell $ 1,011.00

Dana Mulvihill $ 1,001.00

Jami Steimle $ 976.00

Ashley Suehiro $ 789.00

$1000+ Parties!

These ladies had great sales AND some $1000+ PV parties! They have some HAPPY HOSTESSES! Congratulations!

Commission on $1000 is $250. What would you do with $250?

Beth Fisher had a $1385.00 party!
Jill Walmer had a $1221.00 party!


These ladies have sponsored at least one new team member in January! Congratulations on building your business!

Two PEQA and you promote to Senior Consultant!
Four PEQA and meeting PV and TS requirements, and you promote to Director!
PEQA = Personally Enrollend Qualified and Active Consultants on your team.

Pamela Sewell 2

Dana Mulvihill 2

Jill Walmer 1

Beth Fisher 1

Erika Knutson 1

Tara Lentz 1

Amber Wellensiek 1

New QUALIFIED Consultants!

A qualified consultant has sold her first $1000 in Personal Volume!

Commission on $1000 is $250! You have earned back the cost of your enrollment and MORE!!

Brooke Alumbaugh

Welcome New Consultants!

We are so glad you've joined our team last month!
Wishing you all the best as you get your new business started!

Andrea Chudy -sonsored by Tara Lentz

Loretta Hahn - sponsored by Jennifer Westerhoff

Emilie Haun -sponosored by Pamela Sewell

Christie Garcia -sponsored by Pamela Sewell

Amanda Kingston - sponsored by Amber Wellensiek

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Thirty-One Anniversaries!

Congratulations! Thank you for a great year!


Christine Houser

Kelly Detter


Kristin Kindred


Emily Hatt

Cynthia Redden

Kimberly Shankland


Nicole Vaughan

Pamela Burgess

Jessica Hanson

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

These team members celebrate their birthday in February!

Danielle Abbott

Tianna Love

Kristina Winter

Laura Bradley

Bobbie Jenik

Dana Mulvihill

Dora Adame

Gayle Allain

Sandra St. John

Andrea Pille

Pamela Sewell

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2016 LeadHership Retreat!

Every year we have a Leader retreat for leaders and up and coming leaders in my SED lineage. This time our National Executive Director is kind enough to offer up her Farm in Tennessee as our retreat location! We will see where it all happens for her!

If you are a Senior Consultant looking to promote to Director, you can get an invitation when you meet certain criteria in your business. Talk to me about this if this is your goal!

If your sales are at least $1000 a month
If you have 3 PEQA - 2 being relatively new
If your team sales are strong
If you consistently recruit new team members
These are some of the things that we will be looking at as we make our list of qualifying Senior Consultants. If you are a Senior Consultant with an interest in this event, please email me at and let me know that you are interested in GROWING into Director THIS YEAR!

It is an amazing event and those who have attended usually grow their business and they for sure make deep connections with their sisters in leadership! It is one of the MANY perks of leadership with Thirty-One Gifts!
If you're new or not a Senior Consultant yet, think about making leadership a goal! There are so many perks to being a leader with Thirty-One and THIS is one of them! I hope you will join me in leadership!

How to reach me!

If you want to talk about your business or ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I do not have specific office hours because I love that my business is flexible and that I can take it on the road! My goal is to reply ASAP (often immediately!) but if not, within 48 hours. If for some reason I don't, it's likely I didn't get your message. You are not bothering me if you try again.