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February 22, 2016

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Note from your Executive Director

Dear ACE Team,

I had the privilege of visiting the Ron Clark Academy last week with some of our ACE team members. It was truly an awesome experience. Our tour started with a review of their mission: To deliver the highest quality educational experience where global citizens are born through advanced rigor, engaging teaching methods, and a passionate climate and culture. That is exactly what we observed!

The school is beautifully designed like an amusement park, from Wonderland to Hogwarts; every inch is magical. Yet, this was far from the best part. Behind the decorations and dancing, there was exceptional teaching and motivated, high achieving students. In each class, students debated current events and academic content with impeccable habits of "accountable talk". It became abundantly clear to me that we must raise our expectations for our students. They can do so much more!

As a wrap up of our visit, we were encouraged to read Ron Clark's Essential 55 Rules and review other RCA-isms and then borrow some and create our own "ACE Essentials". They shared an effective metaphor. Just like going to Walmart, you don't put everything in your cart. You select only the items you want and need. I included the list of the "55" under our Article of the Week.

If someone were to ask me about the key elements that all ACE schools exemplify, I would say strong curriculum alignment and data use. We are ready for the next steps. In planning for year two, what do we want people to see and feel when they enter all seven of our ACE schools? How will we as a team create school of excellence that demonstrate the very best in teaching and learning? Are there certain pedagogical ideals and practices that we can unite around as best for students?

As always, thank you for your dedication and tenacity. Also, I would like to share special appreciation to our Chief of Staff, Dr. Cynthia Wilson. She is a strong supporter and encourager and helped fund our RCA trip. Thank you Dr. Wilson!


Jolee Healey

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The Ron Clark Academy - CBS: Innovative educator Ron Clark inspires passion for learning

Let's Share Current Eventsd with our Students

RCA uses the CNN ten minute student news brief to keep students updated about the world around us. Try this link below during Breakfast in the Classroom. Recommended for 5th - 8th grade.
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Common Elements of Successful School Turnarounds: Research and Experience

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