Earth & Poetry Month

Facts about April

It means peace and love. April came from the Latin word Aprilis, who was equivalent to Venus (goddess of love). April's birthstone is the diamond, which symbolises innocence.
It also means very intelligent, smart, and pretty.


1. April Fool's Day

2. Easter Break

3. Grade 10 EQAO test

4. Poetry Competition

5. Earth Day!!!


How delicious is Moo Moo Milk exactly? It does affect Pokémon but it can even make Poké Trainers go...
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Poetry Time!

Poetry is all around us! Other than singing, acting or dancing, it is also a way to express emotions. Let's write a poem to express ourselves! Write in any way you feel like! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy poetry!

Treecko's Poem

Baby let me love you down
There's so many ways to love ya
Baby I can break you down
There's so many ways to love ya
Got me like:

Oh my gosh I'm so in love
I found you finally, you make me want to say

Oh, oh , oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
Ohh my gosh

You make me want to say
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

The Maze of Life

At a point in life

we are bound to get lost

Get frightened, impatient

and lose control

Guided by insecure and selfish thoughts

we tend to forget who we are and

our destination in life

We are lost - not in a forest

where just walking straight through

will help us find our way,

but in a maze of life

where only those who know what they seek

what they desire, can find the exit

To get out of the maze of life

we must first find each other

then find the exit together

because many heads are better than one

Once we managed to get out of the maze

we will realise that although

Life can be complicated and tough to handle

It is a pleasure once we can overcome it

In Honour of Earth Day, April 22nd 2013 "No Earth, No Music"

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