Technological Engineer

Electronic Engineering Technician

Definition/Description of Career:

The job of Technological Engineer (in this case an Electronic Engineering Technician) the main task is to help create, program and manufacture digital equipment.


Most jobs prefer people with a college degree (typically an associates degree) or some form of training before applying, many electronic engineering technicians take coding and programming classes, which will help significantly towards their career.

You must have some type of background in engineering in the past and natural passion and interest for the career itself, and you must care about the work you make and create, showing that you care for it.

Work hours:

Most jobs tend to follow the standard workweek for electronic engineering technicians, with some exceptions such as periods of overtime.

What you will need to become one:

Most electronic engineering technicians will need an associate's degree, which takes about two full years, to be accepted into an entry level job, and/or background knowledge about the career typically from classes that most colleges provide to you.

Wages (Nationwide):

Highest 10%: $87,840 per year

Lowest 10%: $35,880 per year

Median: $59,820 per year

Per hour:

Average: $19.38 per hour

Possible Benefits:

Increased knowledge about technology, software, and programming.

Many opportunities and room for advancement in your field.

A variety of fields to suit you.

The ability to work on advanced and high profile projects which you would be payed more for and to help you expand your skills.