By: Meg Huhtala

Typing Web

  • IN the morning there is a 5 minute typing
  • Typing Web is something to improve your typing skills
  • If you want to get a four then you need to pass the intermediate course


  • Brain wise, problem solving
  • There are different types of coding
  • To earn a 3, 1-7
  • To earn a 4, 1 - 9


  • Like a little commercial
  • 1 minute or something like that
  • Create your one stuff
  • Pick your one sound effect

Career locker

  • Teacher is VandenBoogaard
  • It is something where you can find your career in life
  • Somewhere you can find information on your dream job
  • Also where you can find a college of your dream job

Explain Everything

  • For the unit you will do a math problem
  • Do the math problem
  • Do your work

Haiku Deck

  • This unit you are doing a project on your dream job
  • You can fin the information that you need in career locker
  • The max is 10 slides or more