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December/January Cyberside Chat

2022/2023 School Year

A Note from the Principal

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is behind us and the winter break is just around the corner! December 9th marks the midway point of marking period 2 and is the first end date for many courses. It is important to check your end date and have your work completed before the course closes.

Please be sure to monitor your child's online progress. This can be accomplished very easily by logging into Genius with your parent account. The Gradebook, Snapshot and Student Activity are valuable features on the dashboard that can quickly inform you on your child's progress.

As we begin Marking Period 2, students need to follow our provided pacing number in order to account for the upcoming breaks. Otherwise, they will need to work over both holiday breaks.

If you have any questions in regards to your child's progress or pacing don't hesitate to reach out and set up a meeting with Mr.Walizer, Mrs.Spedding or myself.

I look forward to working with you!


Meet the Team

Justin Evey - KCSD Virtual Academy Principal


570-893-4900 ext.4506

Trudy Wagner - Administrative Assistant


570-893-4900 ext.2113

Biff Walizer - Academic Advisor Grades 10-12 and K-12 Special Education


570-893-4900 ext.4572

Michelle Spedding - Academic Advisor Grades K-9


570-893-4900 ext.2990

Scott Bair - Online Physical Education


570-893-4900 ext.4563

Student Spotlight

Emma Harry, 11th Grade

Emma is the daughter of Brian and Sarah Harry. She has been completing online courses since her freshman year of high school. Emma likes the flexibility of taking online courses which allows her to complete assignments on her own time and at her own pace. It also allows her to create her own schedule.

Emma plans on graduating high school a year early to attend Lycoming College, majoring in neuroscience.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with my family and her dog. She also likes to be active and enjoys playing tennis or jogging. Her favorite food is french fries! She enjoys music by Taylor Swift and her favorite movie is the Titanic.

Keep up the good work Emma, we are proud of you!


Selah Mills, Grade 4th

Home School Woodward Elementary

Selah has been enrolled in the KCSD Virtual Academy for the past 3 years. Her favorite

thing about the virtual learning program is that her mom is her teacher at home!

Selah's hobbies and activities include playing with dolls, camping, swimming, and bike riding. She also likes to read and cook with her mom. Selah's favorite foods are chicken fries, pizza and mac and cheese.

Keep up the great work Selah, we are proud of you!!!

Student Spotlight

Hayden Alley, Grade 10

Home School - Central Mountain HS

Hayden has been enrolled in the KCSD Virtual Academy for 3 years. He loves the flexibility of being able to create his own schedule and working on his own. Hayden likes that he has the ability to work ahead.

In his free time, Hayden enjoys playing video games, watching sports on TV and time on his computer.

Keep up the great work Hayden, we are proud of you!!!

Important Attendance Reminders:

  • Please keep in mind that if you are not following our weekly pacing requirements during marking period 2 you will need to work over the upcoming holiday breaks.
  • All attendance excuses must be emailed to vaattendance@kcsd.k12.pa.us.
  • Excuses should be sent when your student is sick and we will only use the excuse if your student does not get their weekly assignments completed during the week of reported illness
  • Excuses should be sent no later than Friday of the following week of absences
  • Online learning can be very challenging, here are some tips to help you reach success!

Need to Know How Many Weekly Assignments to Do???

Please be sure to look at your end dates! HS students on a block schedule should have completed part 1 of 4 for any full credit courses they are taking as of October 3.

  • From your dashboard take the total number of assignments and divide it by the weeks of enrollment or school days available

Example: Math=45 assignments, English=45, Science=45, History=45, Spanish=45 - 45+45+45+45+45=225 total assignments

Enrollment is 9 weeks (1 MP) 225/9=25 assignments per week or 5 per day

In this case, we would look for 25 assignments per week to be considered full attendance

Missing assignments would equal absences - ex. 20/25 (5 missing= 1 full day)

  • Attendance is calculated based upon assignment completion in order to stay on pace NOT by days logged on

Please contact Mrs.Spedding or Mr.Walizer if you are struggling with pacing.

How Can You Monitor Your Child's Progress?

Online progress can be accomplished by logging into the Genius platform with your parent account. Remember, the dashboard updates overnight and would not reflect what a student completed throughout the day.

Once logged in, look for "Snapshot", "Student Activity" and "Pacing". This will provide you with an academic overview as well as the amount of time your student is spending online. Students should be spending 3-4 hours daily working on their coursework.

Tips for Parents

If you have any questions or need a help session please contact Mr.Evey, Mrs.Spedding or Mr.Walizer.

Keep Up to Date

Interested in the CTC Program?

As the United States battles against a declining skilled workforce, the Keystone Central CTC is stepping up to help rebuild that workforce in our local and surrounding communities. We offer eleven programs: Agricultural Mechanization, Automotive Mechanics Technology, Child Care and Support Services Management, Construction Trades, Cosmetology, Drafting and Design, Health/Medical Assisting, Institutional Food Worker (Culinary Arts), Job Seeking/Changing Skills (Diversified Occupations), Machine Tool Technology, and Natural Resource Management.

See what's happening in CTC this month.

Assessment Information

Winter Keystone Exam Window - January 4-18

Literature - Grade 10 - Jan.4-5

Biology - Jan.9-10

Alg 1- Jan. 12-13

Any student who is currently enrolled in a Keystone trigger course (English 10, Biology and Algebra 1) during the Fall 2022 semester will be scheduled to take the Keystone Exam in the course(s) they are currently completing. All testing must be completed in person and will be an online test. The Keystone Exam consists of 2 modules and is given over 2 days. Students must participate in both modules.

Online Tutorial

Online Testing Tools Practice

Winter Benchmark Dates - January 11-18 - All students in grades K-8 will be participating in our district assessments which include Aimsweb and NWEA MAP. Students in K-2 will be tested using the Aimsweb assessment and students in grades 3-8 will be tested using NWEA MAP assessment. These assessments are administer in the Fall, Winter and Spring and will provide you as well as their teacher valuable information on academic growth. To learn more about our assessment please click the links below.

Please contact your child's teacher for information and updates on your child's progress.

NWEA Family Toolkit


About Aimsweb

Need to register for the SAT, find out testing locations, dates and registration deadlines!


Need help with your chromebook? Click Here to submit a helpdesk ticket.


Here are some helpful links to help you navigate the virtual world.

How to Access Your Online Classes

Accessing PE Class (only class not in Genius) - Elementary will use Google Classroom and Secondary will use Schoology

VA Student Handbook

AE Elementary Resource Link

Course Catalog