Grade Three Update

Thursday, 19th November 2015

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Our Unit: How We Express Ourselves

We have started to look at films during our unit studies, exploring a new central idea: "film can be a powerful medium for communicating ideas about the world". Introductory activities have given the students an opportunity to share their existing knowledge of film, and discussions of personal movie preferences have seen us start to look at genre as well as the purpose of film. Moving forward, we will examine the technical side of filmmaking - shot types, scripting, storyboarding, acting, and directing.

We would like to invite any parents who have professional or personal involvement with filmmaking to share their knowledge with grade three - it's always excellent to hear from the experts!


Students will be looking at writing to entertain as we continue to explore the world of film. In both German and English, scriptwriting and the editing process will be in focus for the next few weeks as students work towards writing the text of a film, editing it with teacher and peer conferencing and feedback. Our daily literacy routines - spelling investigations, literacy circles, etc. - support these broader activities by maintaining a high level of engagement with language.


The Addition Championship is well underway, with students competing enthusiastically to best themselves every day. Already a round of Weekly Champions have been crowned, and more students will join these exalted ranks before it's time to find the Supreme Grade Three Champion. It is excellent to see how motivated the students are to improve their scores and the satisfaction they gain from realising - even at this early stage - that significant improvement is well within their grasp. We continue to support their improvement by looking at mental addition strategies, mostly focussed on the number ten.


We are in the middle of collaborating with the home room for our film unit. Children have watched Rico, Oscar und die Tieferschatten, both play and film and compared features, settings, music and characters.

To celebrate St. Martin's Day children have created a play of the story, acting in different roles, creating requisites and supporting the play with sounds and music. As a next step we will be looking into writing film scripts introducing direct speech as a language focus.

3b Excursion - Berlin Wall Memorial

On the 9th of November - the 26th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - 3b visited the nearby Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, on Bernauerstraße. Learning about the history of the wall, the reasons for its construction and eventual destruction, and the effects it had on the lives of Berlin was a great experience and 3b enjoyed learning about this hugely significant part of history. The reflections of many students on the process and importance of memorialisation demonstrated great empathy.
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BMS Home Language Program

"We have begun a Home Language program at BMS that takes place every second Tuesday. A flyer is attached with more information about the purpose of the program and how you can help.

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