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My kid is going to junior high?

Well, it happened today! Your child received their junior high course schedule card. Students need to complete their schedule card and turn it in on or before February 24. Late cards will not be accepted.

Please consider going to one of the transitional meetings offered by the junior high your child will attend. Most Passmore students will attend Fairview. The transition meeting for Fairview is Tuesday, February 16 at 6:00pm. This is a great time to ask schedule questions and see what the elective choices are for 6th graders.

If you have an older child, things have changed a lot since filling out their schedule card. Incoming 6th graders are required to take a new language arts writing class in addition to the language arts reading class. This limits 6th graders to only 1 elective choice. Please guide your child in making this choice carefully. Schedule changes are not granted for simply changing your mind, or to be in a class with a friend.

The schedule card offers the option for students to sign up for Pre-AP classes with a parent and teacher signature. All 6th graders are encouraged to sign up for Pre-AP classes if they feel they can meet the challenge of more rigorous coursework. Carefully discuss this with your child to determine if this is the right placement for them. If a student is struggling to maintain a B or higher in their core courses in 5th grade, a Pre-AP class may not be the best choice.

If you have questions regarding junior high, please contact our school counselor, Deana Remington <>.



Band Information

If your child chooses band as an elective they need to attend one of the band interviews to determine which instrument they will play net year. All of the following interview dates are at Fairview Junior High:

  • Monday and Tuesday, March 7th and 8th @ 5:30
  • Thursday, March 10th @ 5:30
  • Saturday, April 9th @ 9:00 AM

Spring Pictures Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Note about Journals

Most students have a great deal of pride in their Science journal. We spend a lot of time and effort putting information into our journals to make them a great study tool. Please ask to see your child's work. Praise them for a job well done. If their journal is lacking, encourage them to put forth a little more effort. The journal really is a tool to be used for homework and for studying. Plus, many former students come back and tell me they have used their journal in junior high!

Valentine's Party: Friday, February 12 @ 2:30!

Are your child's grades dropping?

The 3rd and 4th 9 weeks are probably the hardest in 5th grade. We are deep into our curriculum, plus we are gearing up for STAAR testing. Many students are getting tired and losing momentum. Please encourage them to study and to complete homework and classwork on time. YOU are a critical factor in their success! It gets a little crazy between February and May, so hold on tight and help your child stay focused!

Did I mention, "I LOVE SYMBALOO!"?

For each unit of study, I will have a SYMBALOO prepared. A SYMBALOO is a page where I can place digital content that will help your child further their knowledge on the topic we are studying in class. SYMBALOO can be accessed from any internet ready device. Each SYMBALOO has a link and all links are recorded in the science journal on the last page. Students can also use the SYMBALOO pages to help study and review content as we get closer to STAAR testing time.

Use this link to access loads of information about space, moon phases, rotation, revolution, and seasons!

My Web Page!

You can access my Alvin ISD web page through this link.


I encourage you to sign up for the Remind alerts. This is an excellent way to stay up to date with things going on at school in our specific classrooms. You only need to sign up for your child's homeroom teacher. Please join!

Text the class code of your child's homeroom teacher to: 81010

Carlin: @carlin2

Whalen: @whalen201

Kettler: @kettl