Media vs. Reality

Various ways the media wraps society's mind

Smore #1-Media to me

To me, the media is a thing that society has its’ head wrapped around. While it plays an important role to people in society, the media itself does not have a sole purpose. There are several different ways that the media can have an effect on the everyday lives of individuals in society. Media can take place in several different places including television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Media can help find out information in a matter of minutes. Media is not always a positive thing. False information is released in the media everyday. Society often blindly accepts the information that they receive from the media.This is where the idea of media literacy comes in.To be media literate means to me to be able to portray the media in the correct way without getting confused with what the media is trying to make you believe. It enables you to analyze and evaluate the message that the media is trying to portray to the public. A media literate person is able to analyze the messages that are being sent through the media. Some things that media literacy can help you understand is what is meaningful about the information and what the purpose of it is. Media literacy creates an understanding of the role the media plays for society. Through media literacy, one can understand how the media produces meaning. With media literacy comes the use of critical thinking skills which helps one create their own message from the media.

Smore #2-What Can I Do?

  • To raise awareness toward racial profiling, I will get involved with the Black Lives Matter organization.Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization. The foundation works to rebuild black liberation across the country.The organization holds events at both local and national levels. I will attend at least one Black Lives Matter event each month. In addition to this , I will donate $30 each month to the organization.

Smore #3-Superbowl Commercial Analysis Precis

This Snickers commercial (2016) claims that ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’. The advertiser develops their point by starting out with a cranky man in a dress at a photo shoot followed by giving the man a Snickers bar and asserting that ‘you’re a little cranky, have a Snickers’, which turns the man into Marilyn Monroe. The advertiser uses both Marilyn Monroe and Wilem Dafoe in order to persuade the viewer that eating a Snickers can even turn a celebrity’s day around. The advertiser conveys a humorous tone to the reader.

Smore #4-Manipulation in Advertising

Aaleyah Johnson

Mrs. Danley

12th Grade Lit

12 February 2016

Smore #5

Hypocrisy is used often in advertising. Commercials portray certain messages but there is a bias in what is shown. Advertisers tell viewers what they want to hear to sell their product. Certain actions are portrayed to be acceptable upon select stereotypes but not others. In a Bud Light commercial, the message is drink responsibly. However, the commercial shows people drinking irresponsibly. In a Magnum ice cream bar commercial, a woman gets out of her car to walk over other cars in traffic to get to the ice cream truck. This was unexpected upon viewers because men are portrayed in media to be more likely to do something of this nature. When advertisers produce ads, they are more focused on buying the customer rather than what message they are portraying to viewers. Advertisers jump at the chance to increase their customer base and public image. They often do not care if they are undermining the public good. Advertisers often forget to ask themselves is it hypocrisy or simply catering to the customer. The more advertisers portray these messages, the more the public’s minds are warped to believe that these messages are true.

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Smore # 5-Advertising Impact on Society

Advertising has a major impact on values. It reflects society ti a certain extent. However, it has the power to make behaviors and values more normal. Everywhere you look, products are being pushed onto consumers. The trick that advertisers use focuses on the benefits that will be brought upon the customer than the actual product itself. Advertising is not exclusively for the purpose of selling a product of a service, though it is a core purpose for it. Advertising is also used to send a message to a target group, encourage action by others and simply to promote ideas in some cases. Regardless of the purpose of the advertisement, the advertising field has an impact on today’s society that can be negative or positive depending on the circumstances. One of the many things that advertising controls is the customer’s culture. Consumers would buy anything that advertisements say is good for them including culture and values. In much the same way as a consumer would be forced to buy a product, media today is being used to transform cultural values and sell images that are often misleading. Advertising affects our perceptions and values so much that what we have in the shape of culture today is simply an advertised version of culture that is anything but genuine.

Smore #6-Apple vs. FBI

I think that Apple should not help unlock the gunman’s phone. Apple cannot unlock the gunman’s phone alone without unlocking every other iPhone. The issue with this is privacy, a right guaranteed by law. This will have a huge impact on society’s privacy. Apple’s credentials will be looked at different because who would buy an Apple product knowing that anyone could gain the information on it?

Smore #7-Agree or Disagree

I agree with the statement “ the only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war’. Regardless of how much citizens may want a country to be always at peace, that never seems to be the case. If a country is not prepared for war, other countries are given the opportunity to take advantage and attack which creates war. Otherwise, it’s like making your country an open target. Anything that a country has of value, someone else will envy. Having nothing to fight for only provides motivation for war. If a country is looking to get something from another country,without proper preparation, there will be no resources. A country must be prepared for any situation at all times. To ensure that there is peace, they must be ready to defend themselves at any given moment. It is not the country’s opposition of fear that ensures peace but fear itself that can be followed by respect which leads to agreement which is the key to peace. If a country does not appear strong to the outside forces, it only becomes more and more vulnerable to war. It is often better to deal with others from a strength position rather than a weak position. In a country like America, being powerful and strong is necessary in order to prevent war due to the fact that we have so many enemies. To have peace , individuals must know that they will be held accountable for the problems they cause in the world. Peace is about solving issues that currently occur. However, in certain countries, the issues that occur are means for war.

Smore #8-Get it Straight

I found that surprisingly, often candidates state false claims. Most of the claims that I thought would be accurate were not accurate. I think it is important to check the legitimacy of the political candidates because dishonesty in politics is often overlooked. I think it is important for candidates to be honest in order to ensure a fair campaign for all of the candidates.Honesty is one of the most important aspects of personal character. I don’t think that most people fact check their candidates because they think that just because it is broadcasted, it is true. I do not believe in relying on the media for accurate information. The issue with not researching the truth is that a lot of people use false information to make themselves look better.

Smore #11-Technology from Heaven

I think that by science and technology, Orwell is making the point that the several developments have slowed down the civilization of Oceania. In the book, technology is portrayed to be another form of surveillance. Technology has advanced in the novel beyond controlling the citizens of Oceania. It is negotiable to say that in reality, technology is just now getting to the point to where it is being used as a “spy” as seen in the story. The later into the story we get, technology is being used more to re-create Winston. The more advanced technological use is when O’Brien brainwashes him. Technology is used for both surveillance and control information that the citizens of Oceania have access to. Orwell’s point complements the theme of “war is peace” because he is making a point that war is a distraction of these advancements.

Smore 12- Freedom vs. Happiness

I believe that happiness and freedom are strongly linked. True happiness is the ultimate feeling of freedom. Following your mind and trusting your own instinct leads to happiness in my opinion. Freedom is almost essential to happiness. I somewhat agree with Winston because although I believe that freedom goes along with happiness, if there was an ultimate decision between freedom and happiness, happiness would definitely be the better option. Happiness has its own effects and benefits such as being compassionate. Freedom itself does not guarantee happiness. Happiness is something that you have control over while freedom is only what privileges you are guaranteed to. I think it is definitely possible to have both freedom and happiness and happiness can be derived from freedom. However, happiness is relatively limited to each person. I do not think that the ultimate option between freedom and happiness exist in today’s society. Snowden’s experience exemplifies this because although some groups view him as a hero, what he did was not lawful. Snowden did what he felt would make him happy but now his freedom has been sacrificed.

Smore 13- Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of lying that makes a person question their own sanity. This method tends to make another question their realization of reality. Many American citizens have become victims of political gaslighting. In politics today, Americans are deceived by the government. Gaslighting in politics has modified the way that Americans think. Things that were once reality in politics are now portrayed to be the complete opposite. American citizens have been dumbed down into becoming followers. The American government has become masters of manipulating its citizens. Presenting false information has become a routine in politics today. Gaslighting has gained popularity in politics because people because people are unaware of reality. They make their minds easy to manipulate. Once the mind is influenced, the easier it is to become even more gaslighted. Gaslighting happens in politics because the public does not want to hear reality. Politicians want to tell the public what they want to hear. They know that Americans are lazy and would not prefer to take the time to face reality. An example of gaslighting in America is after 9/11, American citizens began to believe the harsh reality of George Bush because of fear and manipulation.

Smore 14- Performance Final

Part 1-

Technology has affected society in various ways over time. In our world today, it seems as if as technology gets more advanced, society gets worse. Social media seems to have become a gateway to addiction. Communication skills and privacy are the two things that social media takes away. To me, society’s misuse of of technology has already become a reality. Society continuously allows social media to promote ignorance. Social media has become a part of everyday life for most people. Social media has it’s pros and cons. The issue in society is not social media itself; it is the way that society misuses it. Social media addiction is dependent of each person. Some people find themselves very attached to it and cannot live without it yet they don't even realize it. For others, social media is just something to do in their free time every once in a while.I definitely think those that realize that they are addicted can control it. However, it cannot be controlled for someone who does not know that the problem is there. There are definitely ways to use social media for it’s benefits without becoming a slave to it such as using it for the wide range of benefits rather than just for entertainment. Social media should not be built around a person’s life.

Part 2-

My views on media literacy have become more broad since the beginning of the semester. I view media literacy as a skill rather than just something that every individual has. I think that it takes a certain perspective of thought to be media literate. The way the media portrays certain things can say a lot about how an individual views certain groups or even other individuals. This class taught me more than anything how to view pieces of media in a deeper manner. This class differs from past language arts courses because I was able to connect the things that we learn to real world situations better. Everything that we learned connected to society today in some way, shape, or form. To improve this course, it could involve more hands on activities and assignments.