The Dust Bowl Comes Again

America's Dust Bowl

By. Maddy and Gabby

How the dust bowl accrued.

When the drought came the plants couldn’t grow because the precipitation fell. “It shriveled and died exposing bare on earth to the winds.” “More soil was lost by wind erosion than the Mississippi carried to the sea.” (Columbia) The large winds picked up the dry soil and cried it. There was so much dust that it was in people’s houses, clothes, and their lugs! The dust affected a lot of people! That’s how the dust bowl happened!

The dust bowl happening again.

How much rain falls can affect the soil getting dried up. “With such short records, it’s impossible to tell whether decade-long droughts it’s a freak occurrence or something that happens at least once per century.”(nbcnews) Just because you know the cause of the first dust bowl doesn’t mean that’s how it could happen again. If we had the same climate patterns that could possibly happen again. It depends on the sea surface temperature. Sea surface temperatures can affect climate changes on how the sea is heated. This can cause a drought the soil can get dry then all it takes is wind to blow it around. This is how a dust bowl could accrue today.

preventing the next dustbowl.

Nearly all farmers used a mod bored plow, witch when down about 8 inches. If they were grass on the surface, if would turn the soil over, exposing only bare soil on the surface.”(Amarillo) We could stop using these plows so the soil won’t dry up as easily. Make sure the soil is getting watered Dailey and kept fresh. “Crop rotation changed too. Instead of one crop every two years, many farmers went to two crops every three years, so there was less bare land exposed to wind and drought,”(Amarillo). Therefor only stay at one crop so there will be more bare land. This is a plan to prevent another dustbowl.

after drought

Members of a drought committee at farm near Guymon, Okla. in 1936.