5.MD.1 Centers

April 4th - 8th

Center 1 - TenMarks

Complete BOTH of the TenMarks assignments in Your Class Work.

- 5.MD.1 Classifying Units of Measure

- 5.MD.1 Convert Customary or Metric Units

Center 2 - Measurement Conversion of the Day Worksheet

Complete the worksheet located on top of the cubbies. Make sure you fill out the table completely and answer the questions on the bottom. Turn it into the red basket when you finish. This will be a grade, so make sure your name is at the top.

Center 3 - IXL

Complete the following IXL's to 80%: Y.5, Y.6, Y.11, Y.12, Y.17.

If you finish all of those before the center is complete, go back and try to complete them to 90% or 100%.

Center 4 - Measurement and Data Task Cards

Complete the Measurement and Data Task Cards that are located around the room. There are 8 of them. Please record these in your math notebook. We will go over them once everyone has completed this center. Make sure your answer is labeled with the correct units.

Center 5 - Converting Units of Measurement with Ms. West

In this center, we will focus on certain tasks and learn to convert those units of measurements. We will look at these conversions in word problems, tables, and comparisons.

Center 6 - Moby Max

Go into Moby Max and work on it during the time in this center. Make sure you are working on the lessons and not in the games!

Early Finishers - Games

Go onto Learn and go into the 5.MD.1 Folder. Inside of that is a 5.MD.1 Games Folder. You may play any of these games in this folder including Prodigy. I encourage you to try to play at least two different games in this folder beside Prodigy.