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October 3rd, 2021

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Cup of Joe

A Cup of Joe October 4, 2021 with Dr. Joe DiPonio, Superintendent of Lake Shore Public School

Newsletter Overview

Within this Shorian Nation newsletter, you will hear a video message from Superintendent Dr. DiPonio, stay informed about upcoming events, review our Positivity Project character focus strengths, and read stories that feature inspiration, innovation, and celebration.

Student Count Day for the State of Michigan is Wednesday, October 6th, 2021. It is important for students to attend classes and submit assignments in Schoology as verification of your attendance on Wednesday; It is one of two days during the school year which the enrollment taken helps determine how much state aid schools receive.

Students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently. Please make every attempt to be present on this day and every day.

Thank you to our marvelous 14 Countesses of Lake Shore Public Schools who are tasked with the responsibility of "counting" each student.

Can we count on you to be present on Count Day?

Lake Shore Public Schools Count Day October 6, 2021

Upcoming Community Events

Fall Music Festival

Fall Music Festival presented by Lake Shore Public Schools is inviting our community on Saturday, October 23rd from 12:30pm-4:00pm to an afternoon filled with music, food, and fun. Admission is FREE, but monetary donations will be accepted.

Guests arriving from 1:00pm-3:30pm will enjoy a collection of music from our Bands and Choirs at all levels including the Lake Shore High School Marching Band and Choir, Kennedy Middle School Jazz Band and Choir led by Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Elkins and Mr. Bays and Mrs. Perryman, and elementary singers led by Choir Directors Mrs. Wischmeyer and Mrs. Rueger-West.

Save room for lunch as Full Rack BBQ, Go Cheez, and Rachel's Cochina will be joining us for a Food Truck Rally. These food vendors will be offering up mouthwatering fare.

Stop by our Track or Treat to give the kids their candy fix dessert from our National Honors Society students.

Guests will also enjoy family-friendly, action-packed entertainment that will include a petting zoo and pony rides, inflatables, pumpkin painting, and DJ.

We are excited about an event that consists of meeting new people, live music, trying new cuisines, and entertainment. Most importantly, we love supporting our students while we showcase the district's talented musicians in field performances.

Thank you to the following community partners for their support: Roy O' Brien, Michigan First Credit Union, Wally's, Growing Smiles, Agnello, Stewart Fine Portrait, Saint Clair Shores Police and Fire Departments, Lac Ste. Claire Kiwanis, Shorewood Kiwanis, and Optimist Club.

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3rd annual Seasonal Cleanup

The Shorian Nation, armed with rakes and collection bags, continues to remind our community why it is important to give back with its 3rd annual Season Cleanup which takes place the week of October 25th-29th.

If you are a senior citizen or know of anyone who could benefit from our services, please call (586) 285-8483 or schedule online. #myLSPSCares

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Elementary Virtual Book Fairs

Students and their families are invited to our in-person book fairs which are taking place in October at our three elementary schools across the district:

October 4th-8th

Masonic Heights Elementary

Rodgers Elementary

October 11th-15th

Violet Elementary

Offering our book fairs encourages our Shorian Nation to read and is a wonderful way to fundraise. In fact, purchasing books at the fair has its advantages as the school yields a 55 percent sales profit.

Our District Elementary Librarian, Ms. Kraus, has organized this year's event by pre-assisting with book selections, grouping online books by reading level, author, and theme, and handling purchases. With an online order of $25 or more, goods can be shipped to your home! Easy to setup, eWallet funds are immediately available for use at our Book Fair.

Enjoy this preview of our Scholastic book selections.

Thank you for facilitating such an important part of our school culture.

Positivity Project

Under the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, the #PositivityInAction mindset is our top priority. These past two weeks we focused on the character strengths of TEAMWORK and OPEN-MINDEDNESS.

People with the character strength of teamwork work well as a member of a group or team. They are loyal and sacrifice their individual desires for the greater good.

Across our community, what unites all of us is that providing educational excellence to our children is nonnegotiable. Our Shorian Nation recognizes the value of our Lake Shore students, volunteers, administrators, teachers and staff members and the synergy and learning that occur in our district.

There are many stories that remain untold. There are “behind the scenes” people that deserve to be recognized and saluted.

Our ability to put together a successful Homecoming is tied directly to the behind-the-scenes people who disguise themselves in the shadows, never asking for credit, but instead committed to the idea that #OtherPeopleMatter.

It is our head Varsity Football coach, Will Puvalowski, and his team of 47 players who have spent countless hours this Summer and Fall practicing for game day.

It is our Student Congress advisor, Rob Couck, and team of 14 LS Leadership students who have created the plan and action steps for spirit days and competitions, the parade, halftime homecoming court announcements, and tallying the winner of our Shorian Shield tradition.

It is our Shipyard, cheer and dance teams, and band who lift us up with their encouragement through music and movement. Our applause is louder because their spirit is infectious.

It is our team of Athletic Booster volunteers who serve you delicious snacks at our concession stand.

It is our team of custodians who create a pristine stadium environment for our spectators.

It is our city of Saint Clair Shores Police Department who support us as they guide traffic and keep our community safe.

It is our Athletic Department team of Athletic Director John Hartley and Athletic Secretary Robin Gill who coordinate presale tickets, apparel sales, and the game itself.

It is our Video Productions team of several students including Nathaniel Dreisbach, Gerald Kaiser, Peyton Lees, Jamie Owens, Preston Peiffer, Kailah Shorter, and Robbie Davis, and occasional extra volunteers like Ian Rafferty to create, edit, and produce video clips to capture the moment.

It is our student body, a collective group of 4 classes, who decorated their high school hallways using their color-schemes and holiday themes. The inside of our school should be featured on HGTV with its unconventional design methods and charm. These were the themed hallways by grade:

Seniors: Halloween

Juniors: New Year's Day

Sophomores: Christmas

Freshmen: Thanksgiving

Their commitment to the larger group effort makes them both good teammates and citizens. Greater good results from the collective efforts of our stakeholders.

All proceeds from Homecoming events, an absolute team effort, will be donated to the Paige DeVine Redlin Women Empowering Women Scholarship Fund:

If you observe someone who made a difference through proactive work, a focus on positive relationships or who supported educational excellence at Lake Shore, please share their stories with us at this link:

People with the character strength of open-mindedness like to consider new ideas and try new things. They examine things from all sides and don’t jump to conclusions.

No life is a waste," the Blue Man said. "The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we're alone.

In Ms. Salem's 1st grade class at Violet Elementary, students are discussing the not-so-secret ingredients for becoming a great friend. These Friendship Soup ingredients included 2 gallons of sharing, 100 jars of manners, 2 gallons of safety, and 1 million teaspoons of respect.

The way to get the most out of friendships is by giving people the chance to show who they are before passing judgement. Be open-minded with your peers. Just because something in a recipe may look different, doesn't mean it won't be the best you've ever had.

By definition, connectedness is a feeling of belonging to or having affinity with a particular person or group. This connectedness is accomplished through open-mindedness.

Looking forward, our upcoming character strengths are OPM - Being present and giving others my attention (10/3-10/9) and INTEGRITY (10/10-10/16).


The Crayon Box that Talked

Students in Ms. Wilson's 2nd grade class at Rodgers Elementary read "The Crayon Box That Talked" by Shane DeRolf, a story which highlights what makes everyone unique. They then drew what makes them unique inside their own crayons. In her response, Callie Green shared that she love singing. She added, "My favorite song is One Call Away by Charlie Puth." Clinton Rice claimed that his special talent is bending his head so he can see all the way around. These unique traits are very special indeed!

This activity demonstrated that no matter where we come from or what we look like, when we all work together we can create something beautiful. That is the beauty Lake Shore Public Schools strives to cultivate in both its students and community.


Manufacturing Day

Lake Shore High School partnered with Synergy Prototype Stamping, a local business located in Clinton Township, to help build career interest through Manufacturing Day (MFG Day). MFG Day helps showcase the appeal of modern manufacturing careers and encourages thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to educate students, parents, teachers and community leaders about all the inner workings of the industry.

Part of a national initiative, 15 students learned about possible career paths to promote interest in skilled manufacturing jobs. At Synergy Prototype Stamping, Anna Synod, Project Manager, shared ways to be successful in life with our Shorians which included treating people the way you want to be treated, work hard, and make good decisions.

Airk Barocio, Operations Manager, gave Career Technical Education students a tour of the shipping, receiving, and laser areas. Synergy Prototype Stamping offers a full spectrum of metal working solutions. By using our extensive network of vendors they are able to produce and manage any type of metalworking project you may need at a fair price, on time, and with great quality.

This is Airk's first year partnership with MFG Day. He wanted to be a part of this because of the need for skilled help. "I had my dad, who worked for GM as a sheet metal employee, expose me to this field. This family connection made him excited about the industry," he said. This tour helped students, who do have have prior knowledge, obtain the big picture of manufacturing.

Thanks to local sponsors, students each received a t-shirt and an incredible experience which included examining an electric, prototype boat that can travel 130mph. MFG Day empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive. Learn more about the 2021 MFG Day by visiting

Lake Shore High School Manufacturing Day 2021

District Professional Development

Our focus this year on the Whole Child approach to continuous improvement, beginning with the five competencies of SEL as defined by CASEL, continues with an Engagement Learning Series with Communications by Design (CBD).

On Monday, September 21st, our Shorian Nation staff, facilitated by CBD, reflected, recharged, and reengaged in what really matters in education by gaining the knowledge and tools needed to improve student motivation and develop students socially and emotionally.

Staff learned important findings from key research on motivation and engagement and how to apply them in the classroom. They also learned over 20 practical, classroom-ready strategies that will increase students' engagement and motivation.


2021 Homecoming

Spirit days, hall decorating, assembly, floats, Court crowning, and the Homecoming game and dance will always be the most memorable moments of the week.

The week began with a win for the Seniors over the Juniors at the Powderpuff game, raising $2,000 the Paige Redlin Women Empowering Women Scholarship Fund and hall decorating:

Our Varsity Football team, with a hard fought battle, lost with a final score of 21-35 against Fraser.

Seniors brought home the Shorian Shield, showing the most school spirit! 2019 Homecoming King Courtland Walters and Queen Samantha Talanges passed their crowns to Seniors Joey Battaglia and Katie Budnick, winners of the 2021 titles Homecoming King and Queen. The pair would like to thank their classmates and friends for the constant support and votes along with choosing them to represent their class as role models and outstanding students. In addition, the Early Childhood Center named their own royalties of King Eddy Filer and Queen Annabelle Roper!

Every picture has a story to tell. Thank you, Stewart Photography, for creating a high resolution gallery of photos from Homecoming. We enjoy reliving, through the stories told by your pictures, our favorite week of the school year.

2021 Powderpuff Game

Homecoming Spirit Week

During this highly anticipated week, the Shorian Nation was encouraged to follow a silly, student-created dress code. Thank you for celebrating your school pride by participating in these unique days!

Shorians snuggled up to kick off spirit week! Students put on their coziest pajamas and comfiest slippers to lounge during day one of our homecoming celebrations! As the week kicked off, All-Stars got ready for the main event in their best sleepwear. Violet Elementary students showed up wearing onesies to keep comfy during the first leg of our homecoming week!

Sports Day was created to show off your favorite sport or your favorite team with as much spirit as you can. We spotted students at Kennedy Middle School wearing both Michigan and Michigan State jerseys. Since both teams remain undefeated, we understood why those were easy outfit decisions.

Disney Day had students dressed in costumes from signature Winnie the Pooh characters to classic Minnie Mouse ears. Halls were filled with students in capes, tiaras, and fairy wings galore. Everything felt magical at Lake Shore High School and Masonic Heights Elementary.

Colors speak all languages. Class Favorite Color Day at our Early Childhood Center was a beloved spirit day full of bright, fun shades. Although we saw every color of the rainbow in our buildings, we cannot help but love red and white the most.

Tomorrow is our #ShorianPride day and we are so excited to see a commitment to red and white. In what ways will you be able to stick your pride for school everywhere and leave a permanent mark? Once a Shorian, always a Shorian.

Dr. Bross Earns Doctorate

Congratulations to Dr. Janelle Bross, Principal at Lake Shore High School, who successfully defended her dissertation titled Peer Mentoring as a Strategy for Students Identified as At-Risk and completed her Doctorate of Education at the University of Louisiana Monroe!

She joins the ranks of Superintendent Dr. Joe DiPonio, Assistant Superintendent of Employee Services Dr. George Lewis, Director of Special Programming Dr. Jeff Lip, Principal at Rodgers Elementary Dr. Lynn Bradley, and Assistant Principal at Lake Shore High School Dr. Todd Stevens.

During her 14 years at Lake Shore Public Schools, she has served as a social studies teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal at Lake Shore High School.

Graduates are excited to share words of affirmation that confirms what we already know: This motivational leader has made a difference in her influence on former Shorians including these two Class of 2019 graduates.

Anastasia Welch said, "Mrs. Bross was an amazing influence and such an open-minded principal for us, especially our senior year. She pushed us to do everything our senior year of high school. She was so supportive and I can’t thank her enough for that. Everything I wanted to do, she was behind me 100%."

Janelle Reiff also referenced Dr. Bross' care for kids. She shared, "Dr. Bross is the coolest principal not only because she has the coolest name, but because she cares about her students! She is fun and willing to go the extra mile for what she cares about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. She is someone I have always looked up to and will continue to admire. Congratulations Dr. Bross! You deserved this!"

Class of 2014's Mackenzie Alvae also wanted to congratulate Mrs. Bross. She added, "Mrs. Bross was always pushing her students. No matter if it was academics, athletics or personal life. She always believed her students could accomplish whatever they set their minds too. I’ve only visited LS a few times since I graduated and she was always excited to hear how life was going! Congratulations Bross the boss!"

Slurpee Surprises

Congratulations to our September Slurpee Surprise Positivity Project Honorees:

Lake Shore Early Childhood Center

Jace Wells: Perseverance

Masonic Heights Elementary

Gabriella Catenacci: Kindness

Lyric Whorrall: Teamwork

Madison Kurdi: Curiosity

Rodgers Elementary

Mackenzie Domagalski: Teamwork

Mason Cartwright: Curiosity

Dilan Hicks: Curiosity

Violet Elementary

Jrue Jennings: Teamwork

Henli Jacks: Humor

Brooklyn Zunich: Love

Kennedy Middle School

Ta’nya Smith: Flexibility

Aiden Lehre: Kindness

Jordan Bell: Perseverance

Kayla Glombowski: Kindness

Lake Shore High School

Christina Johnson: Kindness

Jamisen Talanges: Curiosity

Isabella Taylor: Teamwork

Mary-Faith Link: Kindness

Peter Vanhulle: Kindness

Coach Will: Teamwork

North Lake High School

Megan Saleh: Teamwork

Thank you, building principals, for your sweet deliveries! Because of 7/11 Store Owner Virgil Johnson's generosity, these are BOGO slurpees!

Elementary Movie Nights


Congratulations to Skylah Buford and Kristoffer Bak for being named our Athletes of the Week!

Skylah is a 3 year varsity cheerleader, and also runs track in the spring. Coach T states Skylah has tremendous leadership skills, brings a fun attitude to practice and games on top of being a high level athlete in cheer!

Senior exchange student (Denmark) Kristoffer scored 4 goals in a soccer win and also kicks for the football team. He has 8 goals and 2 assists on the season for the soccer team.

Freeze Frame: Homecoming Spirit


Lake Shore Public Schools will provide an exceptional education for all 3,168 students in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our guiding principles, Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration, are woven into the fabric of everything we do and will be the focus of every update. Expect an eNews email biweekly update as a reliable way to communicate with our stakeholders.