Mars: a Frontier we Should Visit?


What is Mars?

Mars is another planet orbiting the sun like our planet, Mars also has some of the same resources as our planet, but the problem is that Mars is too far away to get to. Going to Mars has been an idea since the early 1900s and scientists don't think they can go to Mars until the early 2030s. Some scientists proved going to Mars would help improve our technology and help us with the studies of Mars, but some scientists think it's not a good idea because the scientists can only afford a one-way trip to Mars, not one back to Earth, in other wards it's too dangerous.

How Much Money do you have to have to go to Mars?

The cost to travel to Mars alone would be 30 - 100 billion dollars. There's more, the cost to use a shelter at Mars would be 150 - 267 million dollars. There's even more, the cost for a year supply of food would be 13 - 42 million dollars.

Is There any Risk Going to Mars?

If anybody went to Mars they could possibly develop alzheimer's disease. If anybody was exposed to cosmic rays on Mars, the rays would weaken your immune system. Going to Mars will weaken your white blood cells so the white blood cells can't fight off any ecoli bacteria.

Is our Technology good Enough to go to Mars?

Technology today is way off from what were going to need to got to Mars and that kind of technology won't even be built until the early 2030s. Even when we do make that kind of technology, there's a possibility that the technology could in deed break down. Since we only have the technology for a one-way trip to Mars, the people at Mars might die at an early age and never be able to go back to Earth.