Wicked Power

Lexie Newton

If Macbeth Was was a Movie Star

Although Macbeth was written two centuries ago, in 1957 DC comics wrote a new comic from a different point of view: the villains point of view. Suicide Squad is about a group of villains that are thrown together to do the American's government's dirty work. If the Prime Minister of Pakistan needs to be killed the Suicide Squad is called on. A couple of the villains in this group are El Diablo, Deadshot, Enchantress, Harley Quinn and the Joker. If Macbeth was one of the characters in Suicide Squad then he would be Joker. Both Macbeth and Joker were influnced by outside forces. There is only two differences between these to men A.) Macbeth dies and B.) Joker is insane due to the chemicals that made him the Joker affected his brain as well. Where as Macbeth's over confidence given to him by the Witches. The suicide squad is made up of all insane people. Macbeth is like all the members of the Suicide Squad rolled into one happy tootsie pop. Where Macbeth lacks in newness of insanity the Suicide Squad makes up for.
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Power is Your Downfall

If Macbeth were a woman he would be Adelina Amouteru from the book The Rose Society. In the first book, The Young Elites, Adelina discovered that she could make illusions that looked so real that it was impossible to tell fantasy from reality. The Dagger Society took her in and trained her to control her illusion ,for she had, by accident, killed her father with her illusions. However Adelina went through numerous tests to find out that the Angels of Power and Ambition, the Angel of Fear, and the Angel of Fury have a very strong presence within her. That means when she is around fear or hate or is feeling really strongly about something Adelina is stronger. She avoids all of that madness an tries to get strong off the love that she has for Enzo. It work a little too good. Adelina's power grew out of her control and while trying to save another member of the Daggers she ends up killing Enzo, or Reaper as he is better known as. As well as Dante or Spider. Now Adelina has been kicked out of the Dagger Society and is on her own. Adelina is so mad that she is now seeking revenge on all of Kenettra. In the second book, The Rose Society, Adelina is growing her own society, The Rose Society. Adelina has gained a new ability: mind control. Not only can she control minds she can make the person under her control think that they are doing the right thing. This ability has won over an important asset: Magiano. People of the Sunlands claim that Magiano is the most blessed malfetto of all the people marked by the Blood Fever. He is a huge gambler and a terrific thief. He even stole the crown jewels of Queen Guilietta of Kenettra. With his help Adelina built an army of mercenaries. When the Rose Society went to ambush Guilietta's palace the Dagger Society was there making a treaty with the Queen. Gemma, or Star Thief, was killed in the squabble. After Gemma died Adelina started to control Teren's, head of the Axis Inquisition, mind. Teren and the Queen were lovers, so what Adelina made Teren realize cost Guilietta her life. The Queen has hair darker than night itself. Teren saw a piece of blood red hair: a mark of the malfettos. Teren hates malfettos with a passion and when he saw the hair he killed her by stabbing her in the chest with his sword. Afterwards when Teren came to his senses he broke down and cursed every name under the sun at Adelina. Sick of hearing his shouting, Adelina ordered him to be chained and tortured for what he had done to countless malfettos. Adelina then claimed the throne of Kenettra for herself but instead of feeling satisfied she felt empty. The darkness within her want all the competition to be wiped out. Not only the Daggers but the rest of the kingdoms in the Sunlands.

Now, both Macbeth and Adelina were led to their gain of confidence by an outside source. Since The Young Elites series is not complete we do not know yet what is Adelina's fate. However Adelina and Macbeth have more in common than perhaps fate. Macbeth starts out as a nobleman who is completely loyal to his king and would have never even thought about murder much less his own cousin. Adelina never would have betrayed her country. In fact in the very beginning of book one Adelina was going to flee her home to find solace in the capitol to rid herself of her abusive father. Macbeth only started to plot murder after three witches prophesied that Macbeth will become thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland. Adelina only started to plot murder after Enzo died and she was kicked out of the Dagger Society. Her plan was simple: all those who caused her harm would pay the ultimate price. That included the Queen and Teren because they had captured and hurt Violetta, Adelina's sister. Before either Macbeth or Adelina killed anyone they both started hearing voices in their head. Macbeth heard the consequences of what would happen if he killed Duncan. While as Adelina's voices told her to kill he father. He had hurt her so much that he deserved to die. The royal blood of Guilietta and of Duncan was spilled and the insane murders claimed the throne. After the murders of their friends, Banquo and Enzo, both had hallucinations. Macbeth swore he saw Banquo sitting at his seat at a dinner party and that Banquo was looking at him accusingly with his descendants by his side. Adelina saw her father holding his belt and making Adelina rip off a butterfly's wings and trying to convince her that she enjoyed it. Her next hallucination was of Enzo. Enzo was on fire and was very angry at her for traitorous actions. Both Adelina and Macbeth murdered without guilt. After Lady Macbeth dies and even a bit before that Macbeth shut himself away. He felt no emotion. After Violetta leaves Adelina and a couple months before hand Adelina got very snappy and secluded herself away from the rest of the world. Even though Adelina and Macbeth are of opposite genders, this proves that men and women can be just as equally as crazy as the other.

Philologists Most Frustrating Question: What Led Macbeth to His Downfall?

Since nearly two centuries ago the biggest question that philologists face with Macbeth is what caused Macbeth's downfall. Many argue that it was either Lady Macbeth or his own ambition. People forget that the witches gave Macbeth the prophecies that laid out his future. Macbeth's ambition for the throne was given to him by the supernatural forces. When Macbeth met the Weird Sisters for the first time he never would have entertained the thought of killing his King, much less a king that is his own cousin. After Macbeth is told that he will be not only thane of Glamis, but thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland does he ponder of the steps he needs to take to be king. Sending a letter back home to Lady Macbeth, he tells her of the witches and of what they said. Lady Macbeth does help her husband kill Duncan. However she has a smaller part in it, than the witches did. Hecate said that the Witches," Shall rise such artificial sprites as by the strength of their illusion shall draw him on to his confusion"(Act 3 Scene 5 Line 123). The goddess was saying that the Weird Sister will raise fake illusions that will speak in riddles to confuse Macbeth into thinking that he was invincible and that nothing could hurt him. "The power of man for none woman born shall not harm Macbeth"(Act 4 Scene 1 Line 32). but he is to be weary of Macduff. Macbeth is concerned about Macduff, so he hires murderers to kill Macduff's family. Witches like causing confusion among mortals. Hecate told the Weird Sisters "security is mortals' chiefest enemy" ( Act 3 Scene 5 Line 32-33). What she meant was that over confidence is human's greatest weakness. If mortals feel over confident then that will be their downfall. Who knew that three old ladies could have such an effect on a high chief of Scotland.
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Shakespear's Silly Olde English

Although Shakespeare wrote in many different forms of literary devices, foil, verbal irony, and blank verses was some of the most commonly used devices in Macbeth. King Edward of England is " the great assay of art, but at his touch - such sanctity hath heaven given his hand - they presently amend" (Act 4 Scene 3 Lines 145 - 147). Edward is the foil of Macbeth. Macbeth closed himself off form his people and if anyone got in his way he would cut them down. Edward is the opposite. He is very open with his people and he is rumored to heal people with only a touch. A lot of verbal irony is used through out Macbeth. Lady Macbeth said to King Duncan " Your majesty loads our house. For those of old, and the late dignities helped up to them, we rest your hermits" (Act 1 Scene 6 Lines 18 - 20). She is telling Duncan of the honor it is to have him at Dusianne. That she and Macbeth are happy to have him there. Even though Lady Macbeth is telling Duncan that it is a joy to have with them but secretly that she and Macbeth are planning to kill him. From time to time Shakespeare puts in a blank verse. When Hecate comes to visit the Weird Sisters a potion is boiling with " Music and song: "Black Spirits," &c. Hecate retires" (Act 4 Scene 1). This form of literary device is used typically when a scene changes to the next scene or when the setting changes in a scene. Shakespeare has many different literary devices sprinkled without Macbeth.