Norm Bradly

The friendly fishing grandpa

About the man

You should meet my grandpa. He Is a very kind, loving, humorous, and good hearted. He was born in Oregon. I think he is in 60s or 50s. He was in the navy too! He loves to go out on the boat with his family when we visit. This is why I wrote about my grandpa.

God is always there for us

When my grandpa was in the navy, on the way to Japan, A storm came on and the captain told the crew to stay of the deck. Well my grandpa and his curiosity wondered what the sea looked like during a storm. So he went on the deck, but he slipped and was about to slide off the dock! He was terrified! Before he fell, he ended up grading a pole. It was like God put that pole there, because he did. My grandpa learned that God is always there for us, and he will never leave you.

Saint Lopez

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