This Week in 2nd Grade

December 9, 2018


Shalom! It was so nice to have everyone back in the classroom today and resume our regular weekly routine. We started the morning sharing the one thing each of us was most grateful for this past week and also the one mitzvah that each of us was most proud of having done. I love the thoughtfulness and sweetness this class displays. They are such a special group!

After reconnecting during our Morning Meeting, we were off to Music with Cantor Friedman and then a special program with our former youth director, Naomi Segal. Naomi was back to tell the kids all about OSRUI camp and share information about how they can attend camp there. If you'd like more information about the camp, you can contact Naomi at

When we returned to our classroom, we read the next magazine in the Let's Discover the Synagogue series, "The Rabbi and the Cantor". We had so many "wonders" about being a rabbi! We have invited Rabbi Cohen to visit us next week, 12/16, to answer all our questions and then some. It promises to be a VERY special visit and is always a favorite day in 2nd grade! (Ask your child if s/he remembers some of our wonders for the Rabbi.)

Next week is our last week of Sunday School for 2018. Winter break is 12/23 and 12/30. We'll start learning more about the Torah, the 10 Commandments, and lots more Hebrew when we come back on 1/6!

Happy Hannukah!

Jennifer Bruns


Our Mitzvah Madness wall is starting to overflow with good deeds! Mrs. White and I are so proud of all of the 2nd graders who are helping to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. This week's Mitzvah Madness Challenge is a great mitzvah for the holiday season!


We can't wait to see how many 2nd graders are able to find a book to they're ready to part with and share with a child in need. Good luck with this week's challenge!


Feeling inspired by our Mitzvah Madness Challenge a few weeks ago to collect Box Tops for Whittier School in Waukegan, Jilly took it upon herself to collect an overflowing bag of Box Tops and donated them all to Whittier School this morning. Wow, Jilly! I shared with the kids that thanks to their generosity a few weeks ago, Whittier was able to replace a broken water fountain with a new fountain like at Temple Jeremiah so the students can get drinks and refill their water bottles. We can't wait to hear what Whittier uses all of Jilly's Box Tops to help fund!
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This month's tzedakah is being donated to The Ark to help provide food to families as we celebrate Hannukah. The kids are determined to see me climbing up on a chair to color in our tzedakah chart! Our class has already donated $158.52 in tzedakah! Please remember to have your student do some extra chores around the house during the week to earn their own money to donate. I promise you it takes the concept of tzedakah and mitzvot to a new level when the kids are able to truly own their generosity.