The Battle of Bunker Hill

By: Tucker cain

Yankees Prepare for Battle

On June 16, 1775, the Yankees had heard that the British were going to send troops to take over the hills surrounding Boston. So over 1,000 militiamen under Colonel William Prescotts orders, built a fort on Breeds Hill over looking Boston. (The men had originally been ordered to construct there fort on Bunker Hill but instead chose the smaller Breeds Hill because it was closer to Boston.)

The Battle

June 17, 1775, In The battle the British lined up and marched towards the fort on Breeds Hill. The famous battle cry, "Don't fire until you see the whites of there eyes!" was shouted by William Prescott. The Yankees had a slight advantage because they were in a fort and the British were marching up in straight lines. However the British had over 3,000 troops when the Yankees only had 1,000. The Yankees did loose the battle but the British had a larger number of deaths. The British marched up the hill but were quickly mowed down by the Yankees. The British tried again with the same result.The British tried a third time but the Yankees were now low on ammo and had to result to hand to hand combat. They were quickly out numbered and had to escape. The British had 226 deaths and 828 wounded. The Yankees only lost 145 and had 274 wounded. The British took 30 prisoners but the rest escaped.
The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Aftershock

The battle of Bunker Hill was one of the first battles leading to the Battle at Lexington and the Battle of Concord. Even though the British won the battle, It cost them a lot. Over 1,000 troops. The Yankees had a advantage in the other battles as well because the British would line up when the Yankees would result in gorilla warfare and run out of the woulds, pick off some redcoats, and run back to the woods. They were able to take down entire army's with only one or to deaths that way.