Have You Ever Wondered...

Is laughing really the best medicine?

Can laughing help you to live longer?

We've all heard people say "laughing is the best medicine", but have you ever stopped and wondered if it's true, is laughing really the best medicine? I'm sure you can ask someone who just had jaw surgery and they would say laughing is quite the opposite of medicine. However, even though laughter may not be the best medicine, it is proven to be close to it. Besides the fact that the presence of laughter can change a bad day to a good one, it actually can improve one's state of living in more aspects than one.

Laughing triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural hormones in the body that reduce the body's perception of pain and also cause positive feelings. I don't know about you but this fact alone makes me want to laugh more. Having more endorphins in the body is proven to help one manage stress and maintain a positive mindset. Because of this, laughter helps cure anxiety, worry, and depression. Many studies have shown that laughter can play a decent role in good health. So whether or not laughter is the best medicine or not, it ultimately can improve ones mental health and quality of life.

So now that we know that laughter can help one's mental state you may still be wondering "but what about sickness". Can laughter actually cure sickness? Laughter has not been proven as a cure, but it has been proven to be a medicine. Negative moods, negative mindsets, and depression have been proven to have a negative effect on one's physical health. Because of this, studies are showing that laughter really can make one live longer. Some of these studies have shown that laughter increases breathing, oxygen use, and the heart rate. Some studies have even suggested that laughter boosts the immune system. Other studies have shown that laughter can reduce inflammation. The Oxford University Press Medical Journal reported research that showed patient's blood levels of key inflammatory compounds before and after the patients with rheumatoid arthritis watched a funny film. The inflammatory compounds were lower after the patients watched the film and laughed. So while it is still being researched, I would say that is safe to say that laughter can't hurt. We know that it can help you live longer and I believe that it really just might be one of the best medicines.

Try it out!

Here are a few different acivities for you to try on your own to either learn more about laughing or to give you a quick laugh:

  1. Activity One: Take the online laughter quiz to teach you more fun facts about laughter! The quiz can be found on this link: http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/laughter-quiz.htm
  2. Activity Two: Go to the website below that is full of jokes. After reading through some of them, pick out a few of your favorites. Write those joke on notecards and tape them around to places such as your mirror or your desk to give you a quick laugh each day! http://www.quickfunnyjokes.com/cheesy.html
  3. Activity Three: Whenever you become stressed or overwhelmed, think of one of your funniest memories. Replay that memory in your head to distract you for a few minutes and improve your mood!

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