By S M

Street Dogs

Have you ever seen a dog on the streets scratching itself and barking and your mum or dad saying "dont pat that dog its a stray". Well in the himalayas in the town of Leh you definitaly should not. Many vets from the animal rights organisation from Australia have come to Leh to help the dogs by de-sexing them,worming them and giving them medicines to stop the fleas. The vets are also providing food and water for the poor dogs

Alot of the dogs are friendly but some of them have rabies and that means that many inocent people get bitten by the strey dogs. Over 15 people every day come into the vets and complain that they have been bitten by one of the dogs. Many people are worried about getting bitten because some of these diseases could infect there bodies.

Many of these dogs are infected with the disease of Rabies and Rabies can also spread to humans. When something has rabies it has red eyes and white stuff comes out of your mouth.

Next time you see a stray dog you should ring the nearest vet and say that this dog or any other animal needs help.

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